Letters to the Editor

Letters: Peter Marshall has perfect qualifications; Learn about Marc Friedenberg and what he’ll fight for

Environmentalist Janet Engeman should be re-elected

Janet Engeman deserves your vote for re-election as State College Borough Councilwoman. A terrific asset to the council, she actually listens closely and quietly both to constituents and other councilpersons, taking in all sides before she acts.

Janet is alert to the welfare of diverse constituencies in the Borough, knows many residents personally, and represents their best interests. Janet’s strong management background is an asset to the Borough.

Janet is first and foremost an environmentalist. She cares deeply about clean air, pure water, regional sprawl and the impact of climate change; she supports unwavering what is best for the local and wider Pa. environment.

I value Janet’s contributions to groups working to improve our environment, including her work as Borough representative to the Spring Creek Watershed Commission, as environmental chair of the League of Women Voters, and her memberships in the Sierra Club and the Nittany Valley Environmental Coalition. Her participation in these organizations alerts her to early warning signs of Centre County environmental problems, helping her better represent the environmental needs of the State College Borough.

Janet’s votes at the Centre Region Council of Governments consistently champion green solutions to environmental issues, where otherwise these life-impacting issues might be swept under the rug of development and growth as usual.

Janet is well loved by her constituents. I frequently see Borough residents rush up to give her big hugs of thanks. They think she is someone special: an elected official who cares about them by promoting healthy neighborhoods.

Dorothy Blair, Boalsburg

Peter Marshall is more than a great manager

I am writing to endorse Peter Marshall for State College Borough Council. So many remember Peter as an outstanding manager of our community for 17 years. Peter represents more than that, however. He believes that State College should be a welcoming community and one where all individuals feel they matter regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, national origin, or physical or mental abilities.

He has years of experience in municipal finance and operations. After retiring as State College Manager, he went on to serve as a consultant for nine municipalities throughout Pennsylvania. He accomplishes what he sets out to do. In addition, Peter has been recognized as an international scholar by the International City/County Management Association, the highest standard in his profession.

Change in our world begins with each individual making a commitment to represent decency, honest, fairness and using our unique gifts to make the world a better place. Peter embodies all of these qualities.

We would be so lucky to have him represent us on Borough Council. Please join me on Election Day and vote for Peter Marshall.

Casey Goodall, State College

Learn about Marc Friedenberg and what he’ll fight for

Several years ago I moved to Lycoming County after spending most of my life in the Southwest. I love it here — the changing seasons, my job, hiking Ricketts Glen—spending time at our cabin in Sullivan County.

I’m also excited that right now northeast Pennsylvania has an opportunity to send Marc Friedenberg, a smart, hardworking and knowledgeable candidate, to Congress. Marc is an expert in cyber security. He’s committed to bringing broadband access to our rural communities, to ensuring affordable health care for everyone, and to protecting our fishing streams and game lands. He’s committed to fighting the opioid crisis and to holding the pharmaceutical companies that caused this crisis accountable.

Perhaps what I value most about Marc is his pledge to hold town hall meetings in every county in the district once a year! (You can reach Marc right now on Facebook or email if you have a question or concern!) Our previous representative rarely met with constituents, and even then, almost never with critics.)

The fact is, not enough of us take the time to vote — and too many of us are low-information voters. We’re making this critical decision on the slimmest of information — and unwittingly voting against our own self-interests.

I’m convinced that if more of you learned about Marc Friedenberg — who he is and what he’ll fight for — he’ll be your choice on May 21st too. Remember, this is a Special Election held on Primary Day and all registered voters are eligible to vote!

Janet Bethards Coleman, Montoursville

Peter Marshall has perfect qualifications

Voters in the upcoming primary election are fortunate to have one candidate running for Borough Council whose qualifications are undeniably perfect for the job. Peter Marshall has had extensive experience managing municipalities, specifically Newark, Delaware, for 13 years and five years each at Brighton, Michigan and Hermitage, Pennsylvania. Closer to home, many of you citizens will remember him as manager of State College Borough Council for 17 Years. He is now ready to assume that role again, and we gratefully welcome him back.

My acquaintance with Peter has been as a fellow church member for many years, and currently we are neighbors at Foxdale.

I admire Peter’s passion for a cause (sharing his concerns for affordable housing and fiscal responsibility in government) and I can attest to his willingness to help whenever a need arises. I’ve personally observed his ability to listen attentively in group situations and respond with thoughtful ideas.

If you choose to vote for him, you may be confident in being well represented.

Dorothy Lutz, State College

Barlow, Brown and Engeman have shown strong leadership

A position on the State College Borough Council requires a huge commitment of time and energy, and learning how to be an effective council member involves a very steep learning curve. Many new members to Borough Council do not consider how their decisions will affect this town in 30 years. Nor do many new to council realize that some issues were decided decades ago for very good reasons that still apply today.

Jesse Barlow, David Brown and Janet Engeman have shown the ability and willingness to put in the time and effort needed to provide good leadership for Borough Staff and make proper decisions for the good of the Borough as an institution, as well as for the good of Borough residents. These three have grown beyond the learning curve, and they have all shown the ability to take the long view of the issues facing them, looking beyond the issue du jour toward long-term consequences. All three are also concerned about the larger world beyond borough limits and the about future of our blue planet. It would be a dreadful waste of resources not to elect them all to another term.

We wholeheartedly endorse Jesse Barlow, David Brown, and Janet Engeman for State College Borough Council. Please vote for them on May 21.

Eric Boeldt and Anita Genger, State College

Barlow is invaluable member of Borough Council

Jesse Barlow has been an excellent and invaluable member of the State College Borough Council.

I have consistently appreciated Jesse’s informed and forward-thinking approach and actions that help keep State College a great place to live.

Jesse notably advocated for the Borough’s contribution to ClearWater Conservancy’s Slab Cabin Run initiative, designed to protect our drinking water and maintain our agricultural heritage through the purchase and preservation of the Meyer and Everhardt farms. Jesse voted for the ordinance to ban LGBTA conversion therapy in the Borough, and also contributed to the resolution on immigration that led to a Borough-wide policy of municipal offices not keeping immigration status information.

Please join me in re-electing Jesse Barlow to keep his thoughtful and progressive perspective on the State College Borough Council.

Sarah Klinetob, State College