Letters to the Editor

Letters: Money for solar would have been better spent to help inmates; Public funds should not be used for private schools

McCain ship controversy due to ‘over-sensitive’ president

Now, the great leader, the deal maker, must be protected from seeing the words “John McCain” on the stern of a battleship named after the heroic McCain family. The crew had to be sent away lest Trump might see the word “McCain” on their hats. According to the Wall Street Journal, the battleship John McCain was moored in a harbor in Japan for repairs. The White House military staff attempted to have the U.S. Navy move the ship so that Trump would not have to see the name on the ship. The ship could not be moved; so our Navy covered the name with a tarp and sent the sailors away for a day. They did this to protect an over-sensitive and pampered child from being upset and throwing a tantrum. And we trust this child to remain in office as President?

J R Kern, State College

Money for solar would have been better spent to help inmates

The Centre County Board of Commissioners recently approved (2 to 1) a $1.6 million contract to install solar panels at the county correctional facility. While I understand their desire to help the environment, I question the board’s priorities.

By some estimates approximately 30-40% of the inmates in that facility suffer from mental health issues. These individuals end up in jail because, in part, they tend to self-medicate by abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Without proper treatment, history shows that, they cycle in and out of jail. Recent events indicate that mental health crises are not confined to the jail.

The $1.6 million allocated to buy solar panels could have been used to help individuals with mental illness stay out of jail, progress toward better mental health or even stay alive.

Chris Exarchos, Lemont

Public money should not be used for private schools

The May 29 opinion by Rob Thomas on using public money for private schools is deceptive on a number of levels.

While I applaud the excellent work they have done to establish St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy, public money should not be used for private schools. Whether an individual receives a tax credit or a check is written from the state treasury, the result is the same. The rest of us will be taxed a little more to make up the revenue shortfall. There is no public accounting on the use of these funds.

Our public schools are not “one size fits all.” I submit that our local public schools offer not only a dizzying amount of choice in academics, instructional formats, extracurricular programs, and sports; they do so at a level that cannot possibly be matched at any regional private school. And it’s free for the asking.

He is, however, correct in saying that the public schools are lacking in religious instruction; it’s a Constitutional thing.

On the contrary, I would expect the moniker of “one size fits all” to apply far more to the private school than the public. They will all wear the same uniform. All will have prescribed hair styles. All will study the same religion. All academic instruction will be filtered though the same thick lens of an institutional censor.

I welcome the presence of private schools in our community – just don’t ask for my tax dollars to fund it. Senator Corman, are you listening?

Kirk Whitaker, Boalsburg