Letters to the Editor

Letters: Veterans highway close to being dedicated; Racist items have no place at event

Veterans highway close to being dedicated

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway of central Pennsylvania will finally be dedicated. After waiting months for Rep. Stephanie Borowicz to contact me about the dedication date for the Veterans Highway, I took it upon myself to investigate. Her office didn’t contact the highway department to get the sign made. It was a simple mistake. I want to say thank you to Rep. Mike Hanna for doing the leg work for me after I ask if he could help me get Route 192 from Livonia to Centre Hall dedicated as a highway to honor Vietnam veterans — those that actually served there and are incorrectly called, by many, “Vietnam Era veterans.” The signs are being made, the date is being set. Now if the town of Rebersburg would correctly honor its own Vietnam veterans listed incorrectly on their Miles Township Veterans Monument and not have them listed as Vietnam Era veterans, that would be the respectable and morally right thing for them to do.

Jim Hironimus, White Hall, MD

Examples needed for climate change column

On Sunday, I read Jesse Barlow’s article, “With climate change’s effects observable in county, what is State College doing about it?” He stated that climate disruption is observable in Centre County but then he forgot to tell us what has been observed. I am very interested in observed climate change in our “back yard” and I think it would be very important to educate the public about observed climate change in our area. Instead, he stated future predictions of climate change that have not happened yet. How can you observe the future? Perhaps the article should have been called, “With climate change’s expected impacts in our county, what is State College doing about it?”

Bob Smerbeck, State College

Racist items have no place at community event

The Nittany Antique Machinery Association show and flea market just finished its spring show at Penns Cave. I used to take my children to see the tractors, but haven’t for a couple of years because of the racist vendors at the flea market. Offensive items have been for sale for years. Over the past couple of years, there have been repeated requests to the board to remove and stop inviting vendors who sell racist paraphernalia such as slave shackles, dark-skinned lawn jockeys and confederate flags. The board members who have been contacted have repeatedly given lip service to removing the vendors, but at every subsequent show, the items are for sale. There are people of color who live in Penns Valley and Centre County, and the display and marketing of such items should not be tolerated in our community. These items are meant to disenfranchise people who are not white. Any effort to market them as historical or novelty items is ludicrous. These items should not be tolerated by the hosts of NAMA (Penns Cave), the sponsors of NAMA (Mifflinburg Bank), or the board of NAMA.

Erin Blumsack, Spring Mills