Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pennsylvania taxes hurt working poor; Thankful for great care

Pennsylvania taxes hurt working poor

Pennsylvania has become the regressive tax capital of America.

The 30 cent per gallon gas tax hike is a killer for commuters and truckers, and because it is regressive, the working poor pay a significantly higher chunk of their disposable income.

The PA lottery is essentially a blatant tax on the poor and uneducated. Their virtual car race games you can bet on give you a return of 1:1 if your car out of six comes in first place. This gives you an expected rate of return of 17%! Compare this to over 90% rate of return on slot machines and it amounts to highway robbery.

Extending parking meter enforcement to 10 p.m. in downtown State College impacts mostly younger townies and students and can be a drag on businesses.

And how can you dictate to a business that it cannot give away a legal product as a service to its customers? This is what is happening by compelling them to pay for plastic bags which the working poor re-use for multiple purposes in addition to transporting their groceries.

Politicians love to say they will take money from the mean old millionaires and billionaires when they get in power. But the reality instead is: soak the poor.

Joel Carlson, Horseheads, NY

Thankful for great care

My husband had an appointment to see an orthopedic surgeon at Penn State Sports Medicine because he was experiencing severe pain in his left knee when walking. The appointment began on time with the usual filling out of forms, check of weight, height, heart and medications by the nurse. He was then taken across the hall for four X-rays. After checking the X-rays, Dr. Dov Bader, a very skilled and knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon, gave him a thorough examination. The diagnosis was “IT band syndrome” and a treatment plan which includes ice massage, pain anti-inflammatory medicine and physical therapy was given. The entire appointment lasted just under one hour with adequate time for explanation of X-rays and questions. We are fortunate to have access to such excellent health care in State College.

Barbara Gross, State College

Birth control services mean equality for women

I have always supported full birth control services including abortion.

These medical miracles allow women equality in the great sexual adventure, which is such an important part of life.

Of course, sex for all its intensity is not love and love is not always the same as marriage either.

Recognizing this leads then to adult maturity. This great century will be, I think, the century of women — free, powerful and independent.

These pharmacies are part of her arsenal. What our civilization becomes now will be in a major way in her capable hands.

John Harris, State College