Letters to the Editor

Letters: Where’s the flag in State College?; Group gets support to continue stream monitoring

Where’s the flag in State College?

I recently visited State College and I was very sad to see an absence of our beautiful American flag displayed in your pretty town. I did however see gay pride flags flying all over the area. Where is your mayor? Where is your city council? Where are your church leaders? Where is your VFW, your American Legion? Where are all the citizens of your town who served in the military? Why are they not actively protesting the fact that old glory is not flying from your city streets? Last week we honored the heroes of the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy. I should think as Americans we would be flying our flag to honor those heroes. On June 6, 1944, that day when so many thousands lost their lives, I was 198 days old, my 24-year-old dad was there fighting for freedom for his two little baby girls, along with four uncles from my family. One uncle lost his eye. My husband’s uncle died there that day at age 19. He is buried in France.

The reason people are able to fly rainbow flags is because of these heroes. Did the schools and college teach the students about this day in history? I sure hope so. Put away the rainbows and fly the stars and stripes. Our city of Independence, Ohio, has banners with pictures of Ohio heroes all though town. Shame on you, State College!

Barb Patrick Shedlock, Cleveland, Ohio

CCPaSEC gets support to continue stream monitoring

In April, the CDT highlighted the monthly monitoring of many Centre County streams done by the over 60 volunteers in the PA Senior Environmental Corps (CCPaSEC). As a result of that article and the public voting it spurred for our project proposal, the New Pig Corp. awarded $4680 to CCPaSEC. Those funds will be used to purchase chemicals and supplies to continue monitoring the quality of our precious water. Thank you Centre County citizens for your votes and the New Pig Corp. for your support.

Gary Moorman, State College

Christians should speak out against Trump

In 2017 Wes Granberg-Michaelson wrote “This country elected as its president a person who aroused racial bigotry, demonized vulnerable immigrants, displayed the most vulgar behaviors toward women, expressed wholesale mistrust toward Muslims, attacked the functioning of the free press, dismissed threats to the planet’s sustainability, promised to wall America off from outsiders, and pledged to protect the economic security of the nation’s most wealthy while shielding his own wealth from public accountability.”

Those actions have become ever more egregious and have increased our divisiveness and hatred of “the other.” The fact that 81% of white Christian evangelicals voted for Trump gives me reason to question what faith is all about. Trump’s undermining of the free press and creating his own “truth” are the most audacious and frightening of all his actions. If Christians cannot speak out against disregard for truth telling, then what good is it? If Christians cannot speak out for the poor and marginalized, of what value is it? The New Testament did not champion the wealthy and successful but the lowly and marginalized. The church may someday regret its tacit consent — they looked evil in the eye and turned away. Before Dietrich Bonhoeffer began the “confessing church” in Germany the Christian church gave cover to Hitler. Trump, on his first day in office, pronounced journalists as “the most dishonest human beings on earth.” But I hold great faith in their ability to bring us out of darkness. Politicians, clergy — no one else seems willing to do the work.

Gina Hershey Leon, State College