Letters to the Editor

Letters: Flaw in Planet Fitness expansion; Allegiant’s arrival comes with questions

Flaw in Planet Fitness expansion

In a story that appeared in the June 16 CDT, the expansion of Planet Fitness was referred to as an asset to the Nittany Mall, but the expansion also created hardships. It was an asset when it had a door that could be used to enter the mall, but the door on the expansion has been changed to an alarmed emergency only door. Now to get to the mall, to provide that much needed foot traffic, you must exit the gym and walk to the closest mall entrance 300 feet away. The distance isn’t too bad, but as there is no sidewalk, you have to walk in traffic. In the winter with bad weather, you might have to move your car to get to the mall. Perhaps the mall should reconsider its agreement to this blocked door.

By the way, another irritant the mall needs to address is that there are no marked handicapped spots near the gym. The only ones are 300 feet away at the mall entrance.

Theresa Smith, State College

Allegiant’s arrival comes with questions

I read with interest the front page article in the July 19 edition of the Centre Daily Times, reporting that Allegiant Air is scheduled to offer non-stop flights from University Park Airport to two destinations in Florida beginning this fall. What the article failed to mention was what, if anything, Allegiant Air has done to reconcile the many, many reported mechanical problems associated with their fleet. Their history of in-flight breakdowns and unscheduled landings should be cause for every air traveler’s concern. The CDT would do well to investigate these findings and inform its readers of the results.

Rosalie Bailey, Stormstown

Transparency needed in all cases

Political correctness runs amuck when “outrageous behavior” consists of Phoenix, Arizona, police actions when responding to shoplifting in a Dollar General store. They are confronted by two adults with small children; the child holds a stroller toy, but Daddy’s items are not in view. Fortunately, store video camera footage broadcast on “Inside Edition” shows this family shoplifting and leaving the store without paying for their loot. But before this video is known to exist and can be shown, Daddy is proclaiming he intends to sue the store and police and city for $10 million.

Robert Baille, in his June 21 letter to the editor, demands transparency by police. Baillie should demonstrate the same. Without complete and actual accuracy, then there can be no transparency. Baillie’s cover-up speaks volumes. Baillie’s description of what he views as racist police cannot be tolerated; nor can he.

Yvonne Hunter, State College

More accountability needed for Pa. charter schools

The last 15 years have seen a dramatic charter school growth; online charter enrollments alone increased 75% between 2006 and 2011. A new report from Stanford’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) was released this month titled “Charter School Performance in Pennsylvania.” The report was sanctioned by the PA Department of Education and compares student performance in brick and mortar charter schools, online charters and traditional public schools. PA has many low performing charter schools, but the report finds that online charters lead to “substantially negative learning gains in both reading and math.”

The 1997 PA charter school law lacks accountability standards and requires the same per pupil expenditure as brick and mortar schools for online charter schools, which operate at much lower cost. The PA Senate is considering “charter reform bills” that will enable charter expansion without accountability. Please ask Senator Corman to end excessive funding for online charters and strengthen their academic accountability. The CREDO report is available at credo.stanford.edu/.

Carol Hodes, State College. The author is the chairwoman of the AAUW Education Committee.