Letters to the Editor

Letters: Advice for ‘Trumpsters’; U.S. has opportunity for returned greatness

Write, call, work and vote to help protect values

Our democracy is under attack by enemies foreign and domestic. Russia already interferes with the 2020 election; gerrymandering and voter suppression are rampant, women’s right choose is whittled away; the press is attacked as the enemy of the people; the federal government is dismantled; income inequality accelerates; global warming is denied; national laws and international treaties protecting asylum seekers are violated; migrant children are separated from their parents. A recent report from the Department of Homeland Security inspector general highlights the inhumane conditions migrants are subjected to.

The world is shocked by this new land of the free, and our Republican elected officials do nothing. This too shall pass, and history’s judgment will be harsh.

We can each do something: Write and call our elected officials (find them at govtrack.us); donate to Kids in Need of Defense (supportkind.org); work for candidates who pledge to protect the values that made the United States a beacon of liberty; vote and get out the vote.

We do nothing, and we may have our traditional values trampled into oblivion. And we may have our grandchildren ask: “What did you do to help those migrant children?”

Antonio and Linda Goncalves, State College

Advice for ‘Trumpsters’

Next time, vote for the smart people who are capable, well-intentioned and actually support you whether you know it or not.

As I see it, President Donald Trump is an assaulter of women, an accused rapist, a racist, a bigot, an adulterer, a draft dodger, a serial business failure who squandered a family fortune, cheats contractors, employs undocumented immigrants, is unread and lies about his weight.

Remember Trump’s failed promises. Mexico has not paid for his stupid wall, gas is not $1 per gallon, there is no GOP health care plan, he has not dealt with MS-13, there is no tax return on a postcard and he has done nothing to support our military and veterans. He has expanded the swamp, sides with foreign adversaries, fantasizes of being a dictator and destroys what makes America great. If militia are to protect us from tyranny they must protect us from Trump.

And what a dim bulb. Put this fool on high school “Jeopardy,” provide him all the clues beforehand and watch as he goes down in flames.

To sum it up: dump Trump. He is not your friend. He will not improve your life. He has lied to you and he has no presidential qualities. He will continue to lie, cheat and screw up everything. As a dictator he will come for your guns.

Credit him only with brining out America’s ugly underbelly of racism.

Still a Trumpster? Then there is something seriously wrong with you.

Walter Beatty, State College

U.S. has opportunity for returned greatness

Fearful nations build walls. Great nations tear them down. Fearful nations lock the most vulnerable up in pens as they seek refuge. Great nations provide opportunity for those who risked their lives for a chance. Fearful nations excuse the murder of journalists calling them the enemy of the people. Great nations recognize the critical necessity of journalism and dissent. Fearful nations use religion as a political tool. Great nations respect all religions. Fearful nations abhor the rule of law. Great nations live and die by it.

Great nations set the standard for other nations to follow. Great nations stand up to dictators and autocrats. Great nations open their arms to those seeking a better life. Great nations know its greatness is a fabric woven from the diversity of its people. Great nations are not afraid. The U.S. is not great.

It can be. This is an opportunity. Few thousand refugees on our border? We are the U.S. We rebuilt Europe. We fed Berlin 24/7. We saved South Korea. We put people on the moon and safely returned them. We created vaccines. We created technological advances of dizzying measure. A few thousand people trying to get a taste of what most of us take for granted: We can handle it.

As a vet, I am aware of the both the fear and opportunity: If we fall to fear and not seize the opportunity, Pogo was right. “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

Andrew G. Merritt, Halfmoon Township