Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pa.’s block on plastic bag bans is wrong, ‘corrupt’; Borowicz has responsibility to meet constituents

Pa.’s block on plastic bag bans is wrong, ‘corrupt’

Promoting sustainable behaviors at a glacial pace now takes on ironic new meaning. Climate crisis is a scientific certainty, not a right/left debate. What would have happened if the Supreme Court had not forced legislators to protect human health instead of tobacco industry’s ruthless disregard for human health? State Sen. Jake Corman’s higher responsibility to Hilex Poly over citizen self-determination is unethical. He says he toured Hilex facilities. If so, then he likely had to hold his nose not to breathe in noxious fumes. Hilex can improve their carbon footprint if they produce only No. 1 and No. 2 so-called recyclable plastic bags – and then rapidly switch production to locally farmed hemp reusable bags.

Scientists have conducted extensive environmental and economic studies for decades across the US/EU/globe, confirming deadly impacts of single-use plastics. The jury is in! Humans/animals/air/water/plant life, are all poisoned by petrochemicals. It’s easy to benchmark what an “informed decision” looks like. 2020 is too late, Corman and Governor Wolf! It’s our civil right to protect the health of our kids and community by banning petro-plastic usage and halt “oil’s future paved with plastic.” Legislation barring municipalities from implementing plastic bag fees and bans is corrupt and ill advised.

Let’s help avoid a repeat of the deadly fire that erupted at a fossil fuel facility Mitsui & Co. near Houston last March, spewing 6 million pounds of pollutants into the skies from 250 massive tanks in just the first 24 hours. Let’s all be part of the solution.

Micaela Amateau Amato, Boalsburg

Borowicz has responsibility to meet constituents

I am a Democrat. State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz won the election and now represents me. I realize that people in both parties have differing opinions, but we all love our country.

My representative has an obligation to represent both Republicans and Democrats, and to fight for American ideals — those of freedom, respect for others and unity of all citizens. These ideals do not include hate of our fellow Americans.

On May 7, Borowicz attended a “Rally to Protect the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.” I agree that every American has this right. Borowicz acted appropriately by attending that rally.

At the rally she took a selfie with members of the American Guard. This is an extremist hate group that is comprised of white nationalists and white supremacists; she should have denounced them. This group has the right to attend this rally, but it is irresponsible for Borowicz to show her support for a group that spreads hatred.

Borowicz’s behavior concerned me, so I contacted her office to schedule a meeting to get a better understanding of her position. Three times I set appointments, and three times she canceled. I believe that my representative, who represents all the people in her district, is trying to avoiding a meeting.

I am a taxpayer, and have lived and worked in this district for over 40 years. I have been represented by Republicans and Democrats in that time, but have never had my elective representative refuse to meet with me.

Lauri Schaitkin, Lock Haven

Shame for treatment of ‘huddled masses’

Whatever happened to “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses ...?” Lady Liberty has been a symbol of this great country’s foundation by ... immigrants! It is shameful how this symbol seems to lose all meaning in the present era of isolationism. Whatever happened to human dignity? We might as well dismantle our great Lady and send her scrap to the Mexican border for use in the all-important wall. I’m proud to be an American citizen. I am, however, ashamed of how we are treating the “huddled masses” yearning to be free. Listen up people. Liberty is sliding down this slippery slope.

Susan Lincoski, State College