Letters to the Editor

Letters: Study not needed for impacts of plastics; Trump’s tweet shows lack of values

Study not needed for impacts of plastics

Here we go again, putting short-term human economic profit before our precious Earth economy. With the recent and unfortunate legislation signed by Gov. Wolf (shame on you, Gov. Wolf) barring municipalities from implementing bans or taxes on plastic bags, the Ferguson Township supervisors had to put on hold their proposed ordinance draft for a ten cent fee on plastic bags. The reason for the above postponement: to allow state legislative agencies to study the economic and environmental impact of such a fee. Really? If we don’t know by now the environmental impact of too much plastic — in our landfills, in our oceans and in our bodies — when will we know?

A “stick” and not a “carrot” must also be given to state Senator Jake Corman for pushing to delay this much needed ban.

When oh when will we wake up?

Betsy Green, Spring Mills

Shapiro lauded for going after property management companies

“The only downside to the apartment is that everyone says the realty company keeps your security deposit.” Those were the words my son spoke to me in 2015 when he rented from Legacy. Because he was away at Army Sapper School when the keys needed to be turned in, I participated in cleaning it to a condition better than it was upon move-in. Still, a third of the $1,305 deposit was withheld. Appallingly, Legacy required a 1st month $6,380 deposit for the next house, but the 10 tenants were not permitted to move in until Aug. 19. All ROTC’s required cadets to be at Wagner by the 15th , so after they were “screamed at for asking if they could move in early,” they paid out of pocket for hotels. Even more abominable is $6,380 paid for the last month’s rent (this August) but must be out by the 9th. Two full months paid for and less than 20 days allowed to occupy. All this with the fear the security deposit will be taken no matter what. On a positive note, Legacy did waive late fees when it was difficult to determine which of 10 guys owed from month to month. I had thought the shame was on our region where we say we care about military troops, but it’s just lip service, because other second lieutenants arrived at Fort Benning with rents waived after orders. Hats off to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro for going after molesters, in this case, greed.

Colleen Stewart-Tretter, Boswell

Trump’s tweet shows lack of values

On July 14th, President Donald Trump tweeted “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came,” referring to four non-white, female, American legislators, three of whom were born in America and one of whom is a naturalized American citizen who had the courage and personal conviction to run for elected office.

Trump’s assertion that all four of these women are not from America reveals his racist, Islamophobic mindset, consistent with his previous statements and actions. I reject his attitudes toward women, toward non-white people, toward Muslims; I reject his efforts to cozy up to dictators such as Putin; I reject his efforts to amplify division among Americans; I regret the damage he is causing to America’s standing and reputation among our historic allies. Trump does not represent American values.

Mark Ralston, Centre Hall