Letters to the Editor

Letters: Protect Pine Hall forest; Impeachment proceedings should begin now

Protect Pine Hall forest

The Trillion Tree Campaign states that planting one trillion trees will would cancel out the last 10 years of carbon dioxide emissions, sequestering 160 billion tons of carbon. Why, then, are we unnecessarily cutting down tens of thousands of trees to build the Pine Hall Traditional Town Development adjacent to Blue Course Drive? The giant old trees of Pine Hall forest already capture abundant carbon, and under them lies a robust ecosystem that has taken decades to mature.

I urge Ferguson Township and the developers of the TTD to implement the most current, progressive and forward-thinking plan — consulting outside innovators and looking at the newest research on eco-savvy building practices if necessary — to reduce the square footage of stormwater ponds, impervious surfaces, and streets and increase density of housing in order to protect this last remaining beautiful local grove for its environmental and ecosystem value.

Terry Melton, State College

Celebrating another summer at Camp Golden Pond

Last summer, Camp Golden Pond closed and our local scouting community almost lost a valuable resource. Today, I would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the close of another summer at Camp Golden Pond.

On Aug. 24th, Friends of Golden Pond is hosting our inaugural Recycled Regatta at the camp. For this event local families and youth group are building boats about of recycled materials such as old shelves, milk jugs, cardboard and pretty much anything that floats. We hope that you will join us to cheer on our intrepid sailors as they compete for fastest time, best decorated, and sinking with style. After the race, we will enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner.

Together we can preserve the camp that was founded with “the hope that Lake Louise at Camp Golden Pond will be a source of fun and fond memories for Girl Scouts for many generations.” Together we can preserve the land in its natural beauty. Together we can continue to enjoy hiking, canoeing, and exploring the world the natural world.

For more information visit https://www.friendsofgoldenpond.org/events/recycled-regatta/.

Megan Roberts, Boalsburg. The author is the president of Friends of Golden Pond.

What’s to study?

The U.N. says that last year 127 countries had restrictions on plastic bags. This is according to the Economist. However, in Pennsylvania the issue needs more study, apparently.

Richard Hoyt Dixon, Bellefonte

Holding leaders accountable

These days, politicians and leaders think that they can get away with just about anything. They may not be entirely wrong in that regard, so long as people continue to avert their gaze to remain comfortable. However, a community cannot survive if their elected officials are not held accountable for their actions in both their private and public lives. We’ve seen time and again leaders abuse their authority in private companies as well as governments and escape true justice through out of court agreements and small payouts intended to silence their victims. A bill is currently working its way through Harrisburg that would prevent employers from forcing employees to sign non-disclosure agreements involving sexual harassment cases, and companies like AccuWeather would no longer be allowed to sweep these abused employees under the rug and silence their first amendment rights. I would urge each reader to contact their legislators and urge them to support House Bill 849 to help end the scourge of sexual harassment in the workplace and in our government.

Muriel Garnett, Clearfield