Letters to the Editor

Letters: AccuWeather’s ‘predatory’ actions need consequences; Trump’s remarks spread hate

AccuWeather’s ‘predatory’ actions need consequences

I am calling on readers to boycott AccuWeather and offer support to anyone you know that has been negatively affected by this predatory company. On April 23rd, the former head of AccuWeather took to the CDT to defend his company, claiming they had been “sensitive to the concerns of women in the workforce” by ushering them into a payout situation for their silence both publicly and in court. This is unacceptable and should not be seen as an appropriate action! I read the redacted investigation letter (accessible through the Department of Labor’s website). I see that the 35 women who reported harassment got no more justice than a small check. These women were exposed to predatory behavior from an executive of the “family” company, as well as from several directors, specifically a male employee known as “employee 1” who was the director of the digital media department. One woman resigned while others were terminated for complaining to AccuWeather’s Human Resources department. The report also cites “employee 1” having harassed female subordinates through “unwelcome touching and hugging and kissing female employees on the mouth.” This type of behavior is unacceptable. AccuWeather didn’t fire “employee 1,” instead they covered themselves publicly from negative perception. What is more incredible is that two of the three brothers whom are “executives” of the company continue to work there. All the male employees found in the investigation, regardless of their leadership status, should be fired or resign.

Olivia Hanover, Altoona

Trump’s remarks on Jewish Democrats spread hate

Trump’s words: “any Jewish person who votes for a Democrat is guilty of ignorance or great disloyalty.” Superficially this might seem just like Trump being Trump and not taken seriously. However, as a Jew I find this to be exceptionally worrisome. Anti-Semitism is often rooted in the question of a Jew’s loyalty to his home country. In a unique twist, Trump feels that Jews can be loyal Americans only if they are loyal to the Trump-Netanyahu plan for Israel.

Trump’s approach to political success and survival is to spread fear and hatred. This technique has emboldened white supremacists who use his expressions on social media prior to their attacks. My wife and I were in Pittsburgh taking care of grandchildren blocks away from Tree of Life Synagogue when the massacre occurred. We were deeply affected.

Trump will try to justify his comments but the wink and nod he has given to the anti-Semites and white supremacists is real and will remain. Anti-Semitic incidents have increased by 86% with Trump, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Our synagogue in State College will now be spending tens of thousands of dollars on security.

Any Republican who continues to support the party of Trump is complicit in the violence he encourages. It is time for Republicans to reject Trump and his hatred before it is too late. Trump does not represent the Republican ideals that were and are inclusive, fair and democratic. We are on the verge of losing the soul of our country.

David Werner, State College

Nonsense out of gun debate

Governor Wolf’s idea that the Philadelphia cop shooter would not have been able to acquire his firearm if law-abiding citizens could be prosecuted for failing to report their gun being stolen is about the dumbest I’ve ever heard.

Alan Krug, State College