Letters to the Editor

Letters: Stop persecuting Graham Spanier; Join the clean energy revolution

Stop persecuting Graham Spanier

Pennsylvania’s attorney general, Josh Shapiro, is in town Sunday to celebrate Constitution Day. Shapiro is an upwardly climbing lifetime politician who no doubt has an eye on higher office.

To that end, he has set his sights on Graham Spanier, a former Penn State president, whose numerous charges in the Sandusky scandal have come down to one (a minor one, no less), for which Spanier was scheduled to serve a two-month sentence when a U.S. magistrate judge dismissed the conviction. You might have thought that Shapiro would have let the matter go, but he has chosen to appeal, saying that nobody is above the law. That’s true, but people are also above being harassed by the law.

Shapiro is persecuting Spanier. Shapiro should remember former Gov. Corbett, who when running for re-election was advised in a bumper sticker found on many cars across the commonwealth: I’M FROM PENN STATE AND I VOTE.

It’s time to resurrect that bumper sticker.

R. Thomas Berner, Benner Township

Join the clean energy revolution

The rise of modern nations and our industrial society was made possible with the abundant energy obtained from coal, gas and oil.

However, the benefits of fossil fuels has come with the tremendous cost of climate change and the collapse of natural life on the Earth.

Our industrial society has been described as a “revolution” — ancient ways of life were left behind. But scientific knowledge and technology were welcomed and advanced during the Industrial Revolution’s heyday ... except by those in foolish fear of losing influence and wealth.

This same resistance is seen today by those afraid of losing wealth and power through their exploitation of fossil fuels. This resistance is seen in the form climate denial, the rejection of science, and fear-mongering. However, as FDR said — “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

We stand at the cusp of a new revolution as profound as the change from horse power to fossil fuel power, founded on advances in scientific knowledge and technical capabilities that enable the transition from coal, oil, and gas to clean, abundant renewable energy.

The clean energy revolution has the capacity to carry everyone to a new level of comfort and security with plentiful jobs, stable climate and healthy ecosystem.

It is time for a brave new world, not Huxley’s dystopian world, but a world that takes on the existential threat of climate change and species collapse using the full force of our productivity, know-how and willpower.

David Roberts, Bellefonte

Construction has become blight

State College is a wonderful and with its trees beautiful place to live. But the work on Atherton Street has become a blight on the city. I have lived in several places that had major road work done, but I have never experienced anything so mismanaged, badly coordinated and insensitive to the needs of the thousands of citizens who need to use it daily. I’m sure that the updating of the pipes and lines is important, that our city will be much better for the work being done. But the work is done primarily during the day. Using 24 hours a day with multiple shifts would make a huge difference. Surely coordination could have been planned in a way that did not require different companies to tear up what the previous company just filled in and covered over. Is this what our city council foresaw?

Charles Scott, State College