Letters to the Editor

Letters: Grateful that South Track feels like home; ‘Enough is enough’ for Atherton Street construction

Grateful that South Track feels like home

I am a junior at State College Area High School and a member of the football team. The purpose of my letter today is to say thank you to the SCASD administration for making South Track feel like a home. It’s not Memorial Field, but I am very appreciative of how South Track has fulfilled such an important role for our team. I recognize that there were many hurdles such as:

1. The need for a new scoreboard

2. The need for more spectator stands for our fans, students, the band and the opposing team fans

3. The need for home and away player locker rooms

4. The need for field lights for night time games

5. Location of the concession stands

I am sure there are scores of other hurdles the SCASD administration was faced with, but they and State College Borough have done an amazing job clearing them. The alternative solution to our stadium problem would be to have all away games until Memorial Field was complete, and I for one am grateful that we have a field to call home!

Benjamin Kuhns, Boalsburg

No silver bullet for mass shootings

After each mass shooting, we see the same sequence of events, and nothing changes. The public’s first reaction is a clamor for legislators to do something. Then one or more solutions are advanced: ban assault rifles, ban large magazines, ramp up background checks, etc. Most of the suggested solutions seem reasonable, but the NRA and kindred nay-sayers respond to each proposal by stating that a certain measure would not have prevented a mass shooting; hence, the proposal is without merit. To break this cycle of proposal and rejection, lawmakers must adopt a new standard for judging anti-massacre proposals. Federal and state legislators should carefully examine each idea and ask “might this measure appreciably reduce the frequency or severity of mass shootings?” We need to acknowledge that no single measure will prevent most mass shootings. Rather, it will require a series of common-sense laws and practices that collectively will eliminate some or greatly reduce the frequency and severity of other mass shootings, while keeping intact Second Amendment rights.

Robert Carline, Ferguson Township

Atherton Street construction: ‘Enough is enough’

My commute to PSU is normally about 12 minutes, but of course for the last year or more it’s a complete crapshoot. As they dig up the same length of road between Park Avenue and Hilllcrest for what seems like the tenth time, I have to say enough is enough. This is the least efficient road construction process ever. Last Monday at 8:10 a.m., North Atherton was bumper to bumper and completely stopped from Blue Course Drive to as far south as the eye could see. At the bottom of the hill near CVS, a behemoth machine the width of two lanes was creeping along at less than 1 mile an hour. I finally pulled out and headed back to Blue Course. I encountered bumper to bumper traffic from half way down Blue Course Drive through College Avenue, all the way to South Atherton. As I finally got near Park Avenue, all lanes stopped for 10 minutes and five light changes. It took 38 minutes to get to my parking lot. Coming home that day, it was gridlock in all directions from campus and it took over 30 minutes to get home. None of this would be a bother if it was for a few weeks. But as I see the same portions of road patched and torn up over and over for a year, costing me gas and tire wear, I have to say, whomever is in charge of this project should be fired for gross incompetence.

Aaron Pincus, State College