Letters to the Editor

Letters: At PSU, do we get what we pay for?; ‘Twisted logic’ shown in Papa John’s vote

At PSU, do we get what we pay for?

With PSU President Eric Barron receiving yet another pay raise this month, courtesy of the Penn State Board of Trustees, now is a good time to ask, “Do we get what we pay for?”

Penn State’s mission, as Pennsylvania’s Land Grant University, is to provide a quality, affordable education to citizens of the Commonwealth. How are they, under the leadership of President Barron, doing relative to our Big Ten peers, according to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System?

In-state tuition: highest in the Big Ten (a net cost more than double the average of other public Big Ten universities)

University-provided financial aid per student: lowest in the Big Ten

Academic standing of incoming students: 10th in the Big Ten

Percentage of faculty who are tenure track: 12th in the Big Ten

Student debt: highest in the Big Ten

Enrollment yield: 10th in the Big Ten

Well, we do lead the way in some “critical areas,” namely:

Salary of university president: highest in Big Ten

Salary of athletic director: highest in Big Ten

Number of administrators relative to professors: highest in the Big Ten

WE ARE ... what, exactly?

What in the world are the members of the PSU Board of Trustees thinking?

Barry Fenchak, State College

Thankful for support, sympathy

The Family of Dale Musser would like to thank everyone very much for the cards, flowers, prayers and food and kind expressions of sympathy shown following his passing. Your support at this difficult time was very much appreciated and of great comfort to all of the family. Thank you!

Musser family

Flags should be displayed on helmets

Deju vu! For the second straight year the Penn State Nittany Lions have started their season without displaying the American flag on their helmets. The question remains the same today as it did one year ago: Why did the flag ever get removed in the first place? With all the bad that has transpired at Penn State, has the institution now lost its patriotism as well? Once and for all, PSU needs to do the right thing and proudly display our flag on our helmets and leave it on.

Brian Reap, Scranton

‘Twisted logic’ shown in Papa John’s vote

So disappointing that some of the board members of the State College Area School District let misguided emotionalism influence an intelligent decision. Twice Papa John’s has been punished by the board in a punitive fashion. Papa John’s has more than taken appropriate action, not only removing the offensive CEO, but also implementing multiple diversity programs. They stripped this individual of his majority stake, and yes he still has some stock, but short of government action they probably cannot force him to sell it all. They have certainly removed his influence. To state that this action was “an opportunity for our students to see restorative justice” displays an astonishing lack of understanding of what this concept is. Perhaps if they understood what it really means it could have convinced others on the board to vote in a more appropriate fashion. The board’s action was nothing but punitive. Students, restorative justice is the exact opposite. It is an opportunity to repair harm and restoring health, thus “restorative” by bringing both parties together, which Papa John’s tried to do. It is an alternative to traditional justice which is based on retribution. This misguided group, both the folks that advocated this action and the board, has sent a very bad message to organizations that are trying to correct a wrong. Again, against the very principles of restorative justice. Using their twisted logic I guess we should boycott PSU for the actions of Jerry Sandusky. Pretty absurd, and so was this decision. This is the worst example of hate, evil actions cloaked in righteousness.

Chris Potalivo, Harris Township