Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pity for the president; Climate change deniers are making problems worse

Pity for the president

If it wasn’t before, it’s now evident that President Trump does not possess the capacity for empathy. After the death of journalist Cokie Roberts, the president tweeted that “I never met her. She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well. She was a professional, and I respect professionals.”

The first two sentences are just abhorrent. They speak to the president’s never ending need for adulation. He thinks her job was to fawn over him instead of doing her job and reporting about him.

This kind of ham-fisted and back-handed attempt to comfort those who mourn the loss of Ms. Roberts, is a cancer on our country. Instead of “making America great again,” the president is doing his best to make our nation an uncaring one.


Greg Petersen, State College

Deniers are making problems worse

Science is the systematic study of reality in such a way so as to organize testable predictions on the nature of reality. There are numerous areas of scientific study, many of these impinge on climate and determinations as to what is happening with climate.

The consensus on climate change has long been established but predictions have been conservative, for fear of being called out for exaggerating, as a result these predictions are being exceeded. The problem is severe and needs to be acted on now.

Yet we have those who would deny the problem, for fear, or for their own profit, as in fossil fuel companies and those pundits, media outlets and legislators that are supported by fossil fuel companies, or by blind allegiance to whatever the Republican party stands for or against.

The biggest denier is making the problem worse, Trump. He is increasing the greenhouse gasses by facilitating the deforesting of Alaska, by siding with Brazilian governments burning of the rain forests, by encouraging coal power, cutting limits on car mileage requirements, using the justice department of fight the mileage goals that California would enact, by destroying the functionality of the EPA, encouraging Alaskan oil exploration and use, facilitating oil pipelines, by rolling back light bulb requirements, by relaxing oil and gas drilling regulations, pulling out of the climate agreement, decreasing EPA enforcements, removing family planning support both foreign and domestically and denigrating the science. He seems determined to bring about the abomination of desolation, he may succeed.

Doug Keith, State College

Rep. Thompson proves he’s a ‘warrior for Trump’

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson once again has proven that he is not a representative of his district but a warrior for Trump. In his most recent missive he calls anyone who supports the impeachment inquiry a “hard-left, radical socialist.” Well Mr. Thompson, I believe that Mr. Trump has proven himself unfit for the presidency. At one time so did a plethora of Republican leaders. Mr. Thompson, by declaring that those of us who have actually listened to Mr. Trump’s words and watched his deeds are all “hard-left, radical socialists,” has shown his desire to serve only his ideological or his self-interest. Mr. Trump has withheld information from the Congress and has evaded legal constitutional oversight. It has taken the threat of impeachment from Congress and the unanimous demand of the Senate for Mr. Trump to actually take steps to follow the law and turn over required documents. And, Mr. Thompson’s response is to call those who made the demand that the White House actually follow the Constitution “hard-left, radical socialists.” Really? Well, Mr. Thompson we are not all “hard-left, radical socialists.” We are citizens of various persuasions who want an honest, moral, honorable President. Maybe, Mr. Thompson should read the Constitution. Maybe the “representative” should try representing all of his constituents.

Jeffrey Kern, State College