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Letters: Praying against growing hate; Breon demonstrates qualities needed for prothonotary

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Praying against growing hate

Moral decay and apathy rule in America. Once honesty, integrity, dignity, courage, hard work and respect for the rule of law prevailed. Family was huge. God’s “church” was strong. Now family is broken and the “church” is silent. Politicians foolishly promise free health care, free college and open borders, while promoting hate, racism and division. To simply blame President Trump for all our ills is pure ignorance and trash talk spewed from “fake” news.

Faith in God is imperative but lost on many. Biblical standards once prevailed teaching that all created beings should be treated equally, but they are not. All people should learn to work hard, but they do not. Being pro-life and for traditional marriage are good things. As Christians, we should not put our trust in so-called news, social media or secularism but in God and His Word. Christians need to pray and unite against the growing hate in America. We need to speak out against evil. We must become stronger, and yet more humble, and continue to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, while helping those in need.

The Second Amendment, free speech and capitalism are endangered. Borders (legal immigration), language and culture are necessary to keep America strong.

When faith in God, love toward our fellow man and hard work prevail, we grow as a person, as a people, as a nation and as Christians. May America repent before God, Who shall forgive and bless us. May He bless and protect President Trump. Amen.

Katie Biega, Pine Grove Mills

Breon demonstrates qualities needed for prothonotary

First Deputy Jeremy Breon should be Centre County’s next prothonotary. The prothonotary is responsible for much of the smooth functioning of our court system. This official is charged with filing the thousands of papers that are filed in criminal and civil lawsuits every year, as well organizing and retrieving the millions of documents that have been given to the court since Centre County was established. The prothonotary is also responsible for calling the court to order when in session. The prothonotary is also responsible for supervising a large staff who must perform these tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Finally, the prothonotary is a part of the team that develops and implements policies for the court itself

The prothonotary must combine an appetite for hard work with knowledge of the systems designed to make the court function. Equally important, the prothonotary must establish an environment of courtesy to all parties. Jeremy has demonstrated all these qualities. It’s no surprise, since he’s worked and trained with our current prothonotary, Deb Immel, for the last eight years, and Deb has also demonstrated all these qualities during her long career in the office.

H. Amos Goodall, State College