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Letters: Cancer survivors grateful for community of care; Commissioners are a good ROI

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Cancer survivors grateful for community of care

We are eight-month breast cancer survivors. In Centre County, cancer cares in three ways. First, Centre Countians who care for you. Second, the facilities Centre Countians provide for you. Third, Centre Countians who chose to implement first-class science and technology. So many Centre Countians have assisted us. The maintenance team that plows the snow and sprinkles salt pellets on icy sidewalks by 7:30 a.m. The janitorial and cleaning team that keeps harmful microbes away. The kitchen team that buys, prepares, cooks and does dishes. All the dozens of volunteers who do so with a smile. Do you know who or what a dosimetrist is or does? We do. All cancer survivors do. We hope all Centre Countians who do not presently know never have to learn through experience.

We also want to again thank all Centre Countians who work as administrators, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, technicians, laboratory assistants, dieticians, nutritionists and every other health care provider who we inadvertently failed to mention. We also want to thank the Centre County Cancer Center in conjunction with the Cancer Care Partnership located within the Lance and Ellen Shaner Cancer Pavilion in the Mount Nittany Health Cancer. Cancer cares because Centre County and Centre Countians care. Finally, a special thank you to our very caring circle of family and friends.

Tom and Judi Frank, State College

Davidson has experience, passion

As a recorder of deeds in Pennsylvania, and president of the Pennsylvania Recorders of Deeds Association, I understand the importance of an experienced recorder of deeds. Every year a county recorder of deeds works with tens of thousands of records, interacts with hundreds of customers and deals with numerous issues that arise in the operations of the office. It is imperative that such a person is experienced and knowledgeable. Joe Davidson brings that to the table as a candidate for reelection.

Joe served as president of the association and is active in working toward the success of the association and its goals. Furthermore, Joe demonstrates a passion for keeping operating costs low while improving his office. Some of the things Joe has done in his office have led to changes in multiple recorder of deeds offices throughout Pennsylvania. His 20 years experience has made him an asset to our association and the residents of Centre County.

Joe’s experience and passion makes him the only qualified candidate for Centre County Recorder of Deeds. I know that experience is must for this job in order to fulfill the needs of constituents. Joe’s experience is beyond what is needed, and his passion for improvement makes Centre County lucky to have him. I encourage all Centre County voters to keep experience working for you and to reelect Joe Davidson as your recorder of deeds.

Ray Wendekier, Patton. The author is the Cambria County Recorder of Deeds and president of the Pennsylvania Recorders of Deeds Association.

Commissioners are a good ROI

All is going well in Centre County government. Our current board is winning praise for several projects that come with long-term benefits for the bottom line.

The three commissioners have won praise from the Lock Haven newspaper. Its editorial writer points out that the for every dollar the commissioners spent from the new $5 registration fee, the county has received $3 in return through good fiscal management. “That’s a great return on the investment,” the editorial concludes.

The voters have made a good investment in the three current commissioners. Let’s keep them in office in November.

R. Thomas Berner, Benner Township