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Letters: Not too late to bring fair elections to Pennsylvania; Justice for Centre County infant

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Not too late to bring fair elections to Pennsylvania

I urge our state Assembly to push bills HR 22 and HR 23 which include an independent citizens’ redistricting commission through the legislature this session.

We recognize the powerful wave of support, regardless of party affiliation, strong and growing here in central Pa. and across the state to restore integrity to our elections.

Fair Districts PA continues to gather Resolutions of Support from municipalities and to collect new sign-ups of hundreds per month. We are reaching more rural voters, who resent rigged elections like everyone else. Supporters are in every county.

Recently, the House State Government committee asked the Governor’s commission “Did anyone speak opposing redistricting reform?” The answer was “No.” The only people who are resisting reform want to continue to cheat the voters.

Those politicians are still scheming how to cheat without getting caught in court. Attendees at a recent American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting learned how to continue tilting maps, enable voter suppression, and retain the spoils of gerrymandering for another decade. Six Pa. representatives were at that meeting. Shame on them.

It is not too late to reform. The timeline is tight but possible. Our Assembly must show the leadership to do what’s fair for everyone and get these bills over the finish line. After 28 years of citizen pressure swelling to over 69% statewide support, it is time to give the citizens of Pennsylvania the fair elections they clearly want.

Debbie Trudeau, State College. The author is the local coordinator for Fair Districts PA of Centre County.

Justice for Centre County infant

The article titled, “’A heartbreaking tragedy.’ Julian man, Pleasant Gap woman charged after infant’s death,” which was published on Oct. 1 by Bret Pallotto, brings up the concerning topic of child abuse. In the article, lawyer Steve Trialonas said, “Mothers are not supposed to bury their children.” I completely agree with this statement. This story is absolutely sickening to read, especially because of the age of the child that was believed to be abused. The 20-year-old mother and 24-year-old father were charged with one felony count of endangering the welfare of a child as well as one felony count of involuntary manslaughter. In my opinion, if you are not ready to have a child or if you can’t properly care for another human being, then do not have a child. It makes me so angry to think that these parents, let alone any parent or guardian of a child, would hurt their own offspring. I truly hope that justice comes of this investigation for the poor infant who passed away. May his memory always be in our hearts and help us fight and bring more awareness to child abuse.

Emily Levitt, University Park