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Letters: Breon should be our next prothonotary; Police need do more about harassment reports

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Breon should be our next prothonotary

We need Jeremy Breon to be our next Centre County prothonotary. Please vote for him this Nov. 5th!

Jeremy is the best person for the job. He already has over eight years of experience in the office, so he can hit the ground running. From this in-depth experience, he knows the complicated filing requirements for hundreds of different court documents, he knows how technology is impacting the office and its benefits, and he knows how to successfully implement new policies. Jeremy is the right person for the job!

As a practicing attorney in Centre County, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Jeremy countless times at the courthouse. Not only does he have the knowledge and experience necessary for the job, but he also is a tremendously caring person, has impeccable integrity and is very hard working.

Jeremy’s opponent does not have the experience or qualifications for this position. In fact, during a candidate interview broadcasted on CNET, his opponent responded to a question asking for ideas on how to modernize the prothonotary office by admitting: “I don’t want to go too much into it because my expertise isn’t really there at this point.” I agree. His opponent’s expertise is not there.

Please vote for Jeremy Breon this Nov. 5th. He is the only candidate who has the knowledge and experience necessary for this position. We need Jeremy Breon to be our next prothonotary!

Dan McKenrick, Boalsburg

Police should do more about harassment reports

The State College Police Department is not doing enough to investigate or verify the reports of harassment. With over a dozen posts on Twitter and other social media platforms, it is hard to believe that there has been no success with these investigations.

Students have been harassed during the day and at night in public areas. One alleged incident occurred in front of Sheetz and Doggie’s Pub, but there has been little coverage on the attack. There police should utilize the cameras located outside both of the establishments. I think that this potentially incriminating footage would be considered valuable in an investigation, or at least to confirm that these alleged attacks are true.

As a female college student, I am worried for my personal safety as well as the rest of the students in downtown State College. We want to see results and we want to feel safe walking home at night.

If anyone has more information or can verify the alleged attack I mentioned, please contact the State College Police Department, as there has been a lot of rumors spread on campus.

Adeline Mahoney, State College