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Letters: StoryWalk an unwelcome addition to park; Climate change initiative will be ‘defining moment’ for Pa.

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StoryWalk signs an unwelcome addition to park

Sadly, the pristineness of Autumnwood Park in Ferguson Township recently took a hit with the addition of StoryWalk signs permanently implanted along its walking paths. There are 20 signs in total and they do nothing to enhance the beauty of the park. Evidently, the purpose of these signs is to educate our young children, but I’m not convinced these signs are the correct approach.

Had CRPR and Schlow Library done their homework, they might never have installed these signs. The clientele utilizing the park paths are mainly runners, adult walkers and dog walkers. Most of the older school kids are playing soccer or Frisbee football in the open fields. The younger kids (many pre-school age) are playing on the many swings, sliding boards and other play structures available to them. I highly doubt that any of these kids will reap much benefit from the signs.

About 25% of the walking paths in the park are unpaved. I suggest that any future enhancement efforts in Autumnwood Park focus on paving these walking paths and making meaningful improvements to the current play areas and soccer fields.

The “icing of the cake” is that the last five signs in the StoryWalk are dedicated to advertising the businesses/organizations involved in erecting these signs.

It seems to me that the only real benefactors of these signs is the dogs. It provides them with 20 new spots to lift their legs and take a good pee!

Tom Hoy, State College

Climate change initiative will be ‘defining moment’ for Pa.

The CDT recently published an Associated Press article, “Wolf moves to push state to join climate-change initiative.” Among the increasing news coverage of the current state of the climate crisis, the efforts of Wolf to change the trajectory of carbon-dioxide emissions for the state of Pennsylvania is critical to the progress of the country.

Even though I am only visitor to Pennsylvania as an out-of-state college student, I am upset that I am contributing to the state that is fourth-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. I think this initiative will truly be a defining moment in time for Pennsylvania in regards to making the environment a priority in state politics.

Especially with the narrative about climate change being misconstrued by the political leaders of this country, the uncertainty about what actual action will be taken is terrifying.

Being able to see what is hopefully the start of a new age of laws that will push the United States in the direction of a better future is really inspiring and relieving because there might actually be hope for our future.

Kaitlyn Zirrith, State College