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Letters: Experience matters in prothonotary race; Spotted lanternfly mitigation efforts applauded

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Experience matters in prothonotary race

I write in strong support of Jeremy Breon, who is campaigning to be Centre County’s next prothonotary. I will be running to the polls on Nov. 5 to eagerly give him my vote and ask that you consider doing the same.

A prothonotary plays a critical role in the functioning and administration of our judicial system and is often the point of contact for regular people who find themselves involved in legal proceedings that often involve emotional and trying circumstances. Jeremy’s many years of on-the-job experience working in the prothonotary’s office will provide Centre County citizens with the confidence that their legal matters will be handled in a competent and diligent fashion. Jeremy brings kindness, patience and compassion to his work and treats all those with whom he comes into contact with dignity and empathy.

As a Centre County attorney, I can attest to the fact that Jeremy’s work ethic and passion for public service is second to none. He understands and will honor the trust that voters will place in him by electing him. I am proud to support Jeremy and urge others to join me in electing him to be Centre County’s next prothonotary.

Andrew Shubin, State College

Wasted discussion on candidates

In regard to a recent article in the CDT, “As Warren rises, debate over her ability to beat Trump intensifies,” I find that the continuous debate whether a far left-leaning democratic candidate could actually beat Trump is getting old. Just take a look at the 2018 midterms. Besides a historic number of voter turnout, a historic number of progressive candidates won as well. Elizabeth Warren did not become the front runner just by sheer luck. She is a competent, likable and smart candidate who is also very progressive. The Green New Deal, Medicare for All and even gun reform bills are all considered far-left leaning bills that poll well with voters. I am tired of a Senate that doesn’t act on passing sensible gun reform or laws that protect the environment. If a democratic candidate is willing to do whatever it takes to get bills passed and they also happen to be more liberal, then so be it. When we spend too much time discussing whether or not a candidate is too liberal or too moderate, the more we let President Trump control the narrative in the media.

Emma Furry, State College

Spotted lanternfly mitigation efforts applauded

The recent article, “Penn State football fans asked to check for hitchhikers after 2 spotted lanternfly sightings,” was extremely informative and provided helpful information to both locals and visitors on the dangers of the spotted lanternfly. As a Penn State student from one of the counties affected by the spotted lanternfly infestation, I understand what the flies look like and the destruction they cause to local wildlife. Since spotted lanternflies have multiple breeding cycles throughout the calendar year, it can be tough to recognize what a spotted lanternfly looks like in its different stages of life. I believe it is important to spread that information to places that do not yet have a large spotted lanternfly presence, like State College, in order to help mitigate the chances of an infestation. Thank you for spreading awareness on the spotted lanternfly and urging football visitors to diligently check their vehicles for flies.

Laney Pleasanton, State College