Letters to the Editor

Letters: Experience matters with prothonotary; State High dedication showcased ‘superb facility’

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Experience matters with prothonotary

I write to highly recommend that voters select Jeremy Breon as the next prothonotary of Centre County. Before becoming a lawyer, I could not even pronounce “prothonotary” and had no idea what the job actually entailed. The prothonotary handles all the court filings in Centre County and is a vital component of the court process. While people may not be aware of this position, it is an extremely important job. I have been dealing with the prothonotary’s office for the 15 years that I have been an attorney, and the Centre County Prothonotary’s Office is one of the best in the state. I believe that it runs like a well-oiled machine. Jeremy has been working at the prothonotary’s office for the past eight years, so he is a cog in that machine. He has the experience needed to maintain the current functionality of the office. Everyone knows that “if it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it.” Centre County does not need to change an office that is not broken. Instead it needs the steady hand of an experienced person like Jeremy to guide the office into the next decade. Experience matters, which is why everyone should case their vote for Jeremy Breon for prothonotary on Election Day.

Jason S. Dunkle, Centre Hall

Exarchos comes with examples of positive leadership

Chris Exarchos, candidate for Centre County commissioner, has been a friend to both Democrats and Republicans as a former College Township Council member and Centre County commissioner. Though I general vote for progressive candidates, I appreciate Chris for his conservative fiscal policies to prohibit waste and for his positions taken to help people in College Township and Centre County.

As examples of his positive leadership, Chris led the movement to take over the failing privately-owned Lemont water company and making it into a fine College Township utility. At about the same time, Chris was the individual with major responsible for getting Penn State to contribute to the local government for costs arising out of the operation of the Bryce Jordan Center.

As a non-partisan on most issues, Chris was strongly involved in cutting the cost of our 911 system for those in need of fire, ambulance and police services. He assisted many individuals and families by helping to preserve the Centre Crest nursing and rehabilitation facility for quality care at affordable prices.

If elected, Chris Exarchos is committed to work with local townships in reducing costs to support workforce housing, just as he has recently worked to bring funding for College Township’s $2 million “Pike Street traffic calming project” in Lemont.

Your vote for Chris Exarchos will help make Centre County a better place to live.

Ronald A. Smith, Lemont

State High dedication showcased ‘superb facility’

Not only is State College’s new high school a superb facility, it’s also a testimony to the hard work and dedication of the administrators, school board members and others in the community who worked exceptionally hard to make it a reality.

Saturday’s dedication of this new facility was beautifully orchestrated, from the thoughtful remarks delivered by administrators, students and the board president to a sampling of the district’s musical and dance groups. The considerable student focus was particularly appealing and appropriate.

Kudos to all who played a part in bringing to our community a high school facility that can truly support the academic excellence for which the State College Area School District is known.

Donna S. Queeney, State College