Letters to the Editor

Letters: Count on Kennedy for treasurer; State prison needs to be held accountable

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Count on Kennedy for treasurer

I write in strong support of Colleen Kennedy for Centre County Treasurer. Kennedy is a talented and experienced accountant, currently working in the accounting office of a local manufacturing company. In the past, she has worked as an accounting clerk, government auditor, and treasurer for nonprofit organizations. You can enjoy listening to her leadership skills as choral director for a local worship organization as well.

I have been honored to witness Kennedy not only work hard, but lead a life of integrity and kindness. She rarely turns down requests for help, welcomes new faces regularly into her home for social gatherings, and enjoys taking care of her aging mother. In addition, she loves her community and looks forward to giving back through service to the office of treasurer.

Kennedy will bring to the office a set of professional ethics, a sincere and earnest willingness to work with others and other government offices in a way that will benefit all. I’m confident we can all “Count on Kennedy” if you join me in voting for her on Nov. 5!

Amie Skattebo, State College

State prison needs to be held accountable

I wanted to address Bret Pallotto’s article on another inmate death at Benner state prison published on Oct. 1. I thought this deserved to be on the front page of that day’s publication. Inmates, although criminals, are human beings who deserve to be treated with dignity. It seems that the inquiry is in an attempt to investigate whether Benner state prison is complying with regulations and upholding a certain standard of living conditions. I hope that your reporting continues to hold this institution accountable through ongoing updates. Six inmate deaths in one year is an issue of concern and deserves to be further scrutinized. Suicide has been the cause of two of these deaths, indicating a lapse in prison surveillance on inmates. Suicide prevention should be at the forefront of the prison’s agenda. If inmates are not being monitored efficiently, a new plan of action needs to be implemented. Family members should be able to trust in the legal system’s ability to care for their loved ones incarcerated.

Gabby Corral, State College

Marshall and Engeman will represent State College well

Voters in the State College Borough are fortunate to have two excellent candidates for Borough Council — Peter Marshall and Janet Engeman. Both I know personally and know they will represent us well.

Peter Marshall served as Borough Council manager for 17 years. He believes that State College should continue to be an open and welcoming community and that the Borough Council and staff should lead by example and action.

Janet Engeman currently serves on Borough Council and is a strong environmental advocate that residents of the Borough deserve and need.

Please vote for Peter Marshall and Janet Engeman. Thank you.

Bernard Hoffnar, State College