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Letters: Pipe and Higgins heard residents and acted; Exarchos gets things done 

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Pipe and Higgins heard residents and acted

We are very fortunate to have Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins as our county commissioners. In the last four years they have listened to our concerns about our local economy, the safety of our elections, accessibility to broadband service in rural areas, our services for seniors. They heard us, and then they acted. They supported and invested in business incubators in Philipsburg and Bellefonte; extended tax-free zones in Moshannon Valley; and supported local farmers and restaurants through Appalachian Food Works. We now vote on fully auditable voting machines, backed up with paper ballots; they created a public-private partnership to bring broadband service to the rural areas of the county; and we now have new, state-of-the-art buses to transport seniors to medical appointments. All of these improvements, and many more, without raising property taxes! Vote for Michael and Mark on Nov. 5 to continue their good work for all of us.

Carolyn Lembeck, State College

Impeachment necessary to regain respect

Whether one supports President Trump or not, it is undeniable that his actions in foreign policy have ruined many significant alliances that the U.S. government has spent years carefully nurturing – the most egregious of which was his recent abandonment of the Syrian Kurds, who gave their lives for us. Can our reputation be restored in the world?

Prior to this, I grappled with either waiting for an election or supporting impeachment; however, this action begs for only one reaction. Other nations will never be able to trust the whims of our electorate, but in order to trust in the American form of democracy, it is imperative that we impeach and convict. We need the world to see his government throw him out for all his crimes. We need to show the world that this president is not us. Our government needs to express the will of our constitution before the world if we wish to be respected again as a country of fairness, honor and integrity.

Marilyn Goldfarb, Boalsburg

Exarchos gets things done

I would like to encourage Centre County voters to elect Chris Exarchos as county commissioner.

Chris has previously served as commissioner and has a proven record of achievement. Chris gets things done, effectively, efficiently .... without corruption or runaway costs.

With Chris, taxes don’t go up every year, he’s held eight years of past county management without tax increases. By contrast another past commissioner, Vicki Wedler, raised our taxes four years in a row.

He would not have approved the new $5 surcharge for our auto registration, because Centre County has no responsibility for road and bridge maintenance costs. Ask yourself, where is that money going?

We don’t have the Centre Crest debacle making headlines any longer, or the 911 emergency radio system rebuild which was originally budgeted for $21 million with inevitable cost over runs. No, that’s because he and Steve Dershem got it built for $16 million, and our new system works as it was supposed to. Centre Crest is now running efficiently and is fiscally sound.

Chris is not a flashy politician promising us all magic unicorn dust. He’s a pragmatic bottom-line experienced business man who actually gets things done. And once done, they just work ... for all of us.

Managing Centre County is an $80 million/year enterprise employing 500 people. It’s a significant leadership challenge we all pay the costs of... we need a proven leader. Please join me in voting for Chris Exarchos for county commissioner.

Tom Thorpe, Patton Township