Letters to the Editor

Letters: Student support for Pipe, Higgins; Vote for Peter Marshall and his vision

Student support for Pipe, Higgins

Many college students might think that local elections are not important, but I am writing today to say that they are crucial. I would specifically like to talk about the importance of reelecting our county commissioners, Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins. Mike and Mark’s policies have benefited the campus community in many ways, and will continue to do so you help reelect them.

Mike and Mark support reforming the criminal justice system, affordable housing, protecting our elections, protecting the environment, These policies affect our lives as students in ways that we may not see until they touch our lives personally, but they have a positive impact on individual students and therefore make our campus community stronger and happier.

In addition to supporting policies that benefit us as students, Mike and Mark have regularly made themselves accessible to students. They frequently attend meetings with the Penn State College Democrats. In September, we organized a town hall for students to ask questions about their job as county commissioners and why it matters to them. It is important to elect people who are truly in touch with our priorities as students and Mike and Mark have repeatedly demonstrated that they will fight for us. That is why I will be going to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5th to vote for Mike and Mark, and you should too!

Molly Burns, University Park

Vote for Peter Marshall and his vision

Peter Marshall has 40 years of experience as borough manager and is now running for State College Borough Council. The roles of a borough councilman and a borough manager are closely related. The borough council passes laws, approves programs and funds them by assessing taxes. It hires the borough manager and monitors his performance. A borough manager manages the programs set by the council, hires borough employees, analyzes the borough’s needs, recommends changes in its programs and manages the costs of the programs. Experience as a borough manager is directly applicable to the role of councilman.

A councilman needs experience in municipal governance, good listening skills, empathy, the ability to build consensus among groups, and a vision of how the borough can deal with future challenges and opportunities. Peter has all these qualifications.

Peter graduated from the Wharton Graduate School, in governmental administration. He has been borough manager for four boroughs, including 17 years at State College. He is currently interim manager of Altoona.

After he retired, he established Peter S. Marshall & Associates. He has performed over 28 tasks in borough management for over nine municipalities. He has been a lecturer or teacher at Penn State, the University of Delaware, and in England, Mexico, the Republic of Georgia, Japan and Australia.

My discussions with Peter tell me that he has a vision of State College as an environmentally responsible, welcoming community and should continue doing the things that make it special.

Vote for Peter Marshall for borough council.

Edward W. Keller, State College

Greater punishment warranted for former frat member

Brett Pallotto published the article, “‘Know that Tim lives on in my future.’ Former Penn State frat member sentenced in hazing case” on Oct. 3. Pallotto reported on the sentencing of the former Beta Theta Pi fraternity member, Aidan O’Brien. O’Brien was sentenced on Thursday to six months of probation and a $1,000 fine.

He was one of several fraternity members who furnished alcohol to minor Timothy Piazza.

Although he had a very minor part in causing Piazza’s death, I believe all members of that fraternity should be held accountable for this death. Piazza could still be alive today if the fraternity members would’ve called 911. By simply leaving someone to die so that you wouldn’t face punishment is horrific. Not only will at least 14 members face charges, but they also have to live with the fact that they all assisted in killing someone.

I believe all members should be facing maximum punishment for their selfish and ignorant behavior. Aidan O’Brien should be facing a much greater punishment than short term probation and a fine. Although punishing these members will not bring back Piazza it will set an example to other Greek life students to not participate in hazing and to always call emergency services if someone is visibly too intoxicated or injured.

Sydney Warsing, University Park