Letters to the Editor

Letters: Vote for hardworking Exarchos; Mitra will be valuable resource for Ferguson Township 

Vote for hardworking Exarchos

Don’t vote straight party for Centre County commissioner. Vote for the best person on the ballot, Chris Exarchos. He is smart, honest, hardworking and will serve us well as our Centre County commissioner. Join me and vote for Chris Exarchos for Centre County commissioner.

Linda Neff, Howard

Mitra will be valuable resource for Ferguson Township

I am writing to support the candidacy of Prasenjit Mitra for election as Supervisor of Ward 2, Ferguson Township. Dr. Mitra is a world renowned scholar and senior administrator at Penn State. He has spent much of his life in Ferguson Township and is passionate about the environment and social justice. He will be a valuable resource for the township in that he will explore creative partnerships with scientists at Penn State to ensure clean air and water in the community. He has had considerable success in fundraising and team-building, both of which will come in very handy as he works toward translating the global concern for environment into local action and help achieve a more livable township for future generations of residents.

Dr. Mitra is not a career politician, but a deeply committed citizen who wants to give back to the community that has been his home for past 20-plus years. Dr. Mitra will be an excellent representative in township meetings and deliberations. As a scientist, he will apply evidence-based decision-making to issues facing the township. As a patron of the arts and theater actor, he will work to not only preserve but also enhance the cultural opportunities in the community. As a soccer player and sports fan, he will be an advocate for parks and recreational opportunities. As a father, he will work toward ensuring safe and livable neighborhoods. As a minority, he will bring ethnic diversity to the board and foster a climate of inclusiveness and equity.

S. Shyam Sundar, Ferguson Township

Breon will keep prothonotary’s office running smoothly

I am writing to support Jeremy Breon for the office of the prothonotary of Centre County. I have been a practicing attorney in Centre County for 25 years, and cannot overstate the importance of having a well run, organized and capable prothonotary’s office. That office is where all the record keeping of the court system happens, and is no place for a candidate with no relevant experience.

However, Jeremy Breon has worked in the office for eight years, and has all the experience that is needed to keep the office running smoothly now and in the future. He is knowledgeable, helpful and consistently able to help my office in my day to day practice.

I strongly recommend him for the office of the prothonotary, and ask for your vote for Jeremy Breon for prothonotary.

Stephanie Cooper, Bellefonte

Pipe, Higgins have residents’ best interests at heart

As a young family in Centre County, we work our hardest to provide every opportunity we can for our children. We also talk to our kids about the responsibilities that come with those opportunities. For them, responsibilities may be as simple as doing chores, helping out and working together. That makes us a great family, and it also goes a long way to preparing them to succeed in life.

For us parents, it’s on a bigger scale; we coach our kids’ sports teams, we volunteer with community organizations, and we do our research and vote for the people who have our best interests at heart, and in turn, we live in an amazing community with valuable resources and a bright future.

The people who represent and respect our work ethic and well-being are Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins. Pipe has worked hard in many arenas during his time as chair of the board of commissioners, fighting to make sure that Centre County is a place that takes care of its citizens. Higgins has been a tireless advocate for increased services to children, senior citizens and veterans. He has worked to create more opportunities for local businesses to grow and hire more community members.

For those of us who work hard and want to see our community grow into something much greater, we must take responsibility in order to see the opportunities. We must vote to re-elect Pipe and Higgins on Nov. 5. Join us!

Allen and Toya McGriff, State College

Don’t overlook estate planning

Did you know that Oct. 21-27 is National Estate Planning Awareness Week? Estate planning is often an overlooked element of financial wellness. It is estimated that over half of Americans do not have an up to date estate plan! National Estate Planning Awareness Week was adopted in 2008 to help the public understand what estate planning is and why it is such a vital component of financial wellness.

The Centre Region Estate Planning Council (CREPC) is a group of professionals working to better serve the Centre County area. Our goal is to provide educational resources to our members and the public. Our purpose is to assist the public and estate planning community in making more informed decisions regarding client assets both now and in the future. CREPC is a member of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, the leading professional organization for estate planners, which provides its 2,000 Accredited Estate Planner designees, and 275 affiliated local estate planning councils and their 30,000 members with ongoing education and a forum for professional networking.

Douglas C. Loviscky, State College. The author is the secretary of the CREPC.

Brandt puts SCASD students first

I am a parent and professional in education, and I would like to endorse Gretchen Brandt as a candidate for SCASD School Board. I met Mrs. Brandt two years ago. From that time until this, she has proven to be a competent, reliable and respectful woman of integrity. She is a strong advocate, and wholeheartedly cares about our children in the district. Notably, she has been at the forefront of the Universal Access Action Plan that was created to ensure all SCASD facilities are handicap accessible.

I am in awe of how well informed and prepared Mrs. Brandt is at every school board meeting. She is sharp yet personable. Mrs. Brandt understands the importance of working collectively with others to accomplish a common goal. She is an independent thinker and not afraid to raise critical questions to the leadership. I have witnessed how she uses her strong leadership skills and educational background in political science to smoothly navigate through tough policy decisions. SCASD has one of the highest bond ratings in the state, and this is because of board members prioritizing the fiscal health. Another is the innovative STEM initiatives in our elementary schools. Such forward-thinking tactics ensure our learners are in a position to engage in the field and develop a STEM identity early on.

Indeed there is still much work to be done in the district. However, with school board members like Mrs. Brandt, putting our students first and holding the leadership accountable, together, we will get there.

Lorraine Jones, State College