Letters to the Editor

Letters: Marshall is a ‘gem’ of a candidate; Mitra changes things for the better

Marshall is a ‘gem’ of a candidate

There’s a gem in the list of candidates for the State College Borough Council! Peter Marshall has spent a career managing and advising small cities and communities. After serving as successful manager of State College for 17 years and other small cities for 5-13 years, he has been a consultant to many communities, mainly in Pennsylvania but including some in England, Japan, Australia and elsewhere. He has also taught his discipline at a graduate level at several universities including Penn State. Currently he is a part-time manager for Altoona. He is and has been a long-term resident of the Centre Region and knows our problems and characteristics.

Peter is a friendly, people-person who wants to make the community welcoming and functional for all. He’s at the top of my list when we vote on Nov. 5th.

Arthur W. Rose, State College

Mitra changes things for the better

I endorse my colleague and friend, Prasenjit Mitra, for the board of supervisors, Ferguson Township. We are both faculty members at Penn State and State College residents. I have known Prasenjit closely for around seven years. He would be an easy and obvious choice for Ferguson residents, and here is why.

It seems that whatever Prasenjit touches, succeeds. In his career, he is a fabulous mentor to his graduate students, a successful researcher and a wonderful teacher. Prasenjit took on additional responsibilities in administration at Penn State and has been highly successful at that: he has changed things for the better in his college. His professional and administrative experience would be most useful as township supervisor.

Prasenjit runs for a job that matters for your well-being. He will not only bring his wits and his brilliance to the table. Prasenjit will have your best interests in mind. He is a dedicated father, and I have seen him as a champion of his teenage daughter. He has taken an interest in making sure that all children, like his two younger ones, are properly vaccinated and protected from harm. His children, his students, his colleagues all thrive thanks to his wise, and gentle but determined advice. He will look after his community’s well-being with heart and mind.

Prasenjit is an all-around wonderful, kind person and community member, and a brilliant administrator. Prasenjit will make an amazing supervisor on behalf of his neighbors in Ferguson’s Ward II.

David Reitter, State College

Exarchos is smart, tough, compassionate

On Nov. 5, vote for Chris Exarchos. I had the pleasure of working with Chris Exarchos while he was College Township Supervisor and during his eight years as county commissioner. He is smart, tough when need be, but at the same time compassionate. Join me on Nov. 5 and vote Chris Exarchos for Centre County Commissioner.

Louis T. Glantz, Centre Hall

Pipe, Higgins exhibit qualities of great elected officials

Listening to voters is the mark of a good elected official. Listening to all constituents — regardless of their age, political affiliation, social standing or campaign donation — is the mark of a truly great one.

Commissioners Mike Pipe and Mark Higgins exhibit these qualities.

In his nearly eight years as commissioner, Pipe has served as a board member and liaison for numerous county offices and non-governmental organizations in the area. He has always gathered opinions from the experts on the issues that face the county, but also from those who will be affected, or who have a particular interest. Pipe may disagree with someone, but he will never be disagreeable. His patience is an asset for the board of commissioners.

In his nearly four years as commissioner, Higgins has the ability to sense the direction the county should take on important matters. His service on numerous regional and statewide organizations — including the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania — has enabled him to bring back to Centre County the best practices from other counties and entities. Before enacting change or a new program, Higgins reaches out to various stakeholders to gain trust, consensus and feedback. His energy and enthusiasm to improve our County is infectious and helps to rally our community toward a shared goal.

We in Centre County have two votes on Tuesday, Nov. 5 for county commissioners. Please use them to re-elect Pipe and Higgins. Thanks!

Ron Gebhardtsbauer, Ferguson Township

No learning curve for Breon

I am writing to encourage the citizens of Centre County to vote for Jeremy Breon for prothonotary of Centre County. As an attorney, I know how important it is to have a knowledgeable and experienced individual serving as prothonotary. Jeremy has worked in the office for over eight years, and currently serves as the first deputy. He knows the responsibilities and requirements of the job, and is qualified to do the job from day one.

There have been changes to court rules and legislation over the past few years that have widely impacted the prothonotary’s office, including limits on public access to confidential information and enactment of Clean Slate legislation. Jeremy has worked on the implementation of these changes and will continue this progress seamlessly from day one.

Jeremy is focused on customer service. Although his office cannot provide legal advice, he is efficient, patient and friendly to those who come into the office, whether they are attorneys filing pleadings or members of the public applying for passports. I am confident that customer service will remain a hallmark of his tenure as prothonotary of Centre County.

I am voting for Jeremy Breon because he has the experience, knowledge, and disposition to serve our county as prothonotary from day one. Please join me and vote for Jeremy on Tuesday, Nov. 5th.

Helen A. Stolinas, Benner Township

Moser is ideal candidate for controller

Jason Moser’s professional background in management and nonprofit work, coupled with graduate certification in Public Budgeting and Financial Management from Penn State, uniquely qualify him to serve Centre County residents as controller. Jason is committed to creating transparency in the controller’s office, which is something all taxpayers in the county should want, by modernizing reporting systems and making information more accessible to every resident.

Jason is a valued longtime member of our community, known for his respectful, fair and friendly temperament and cares deeply about the people he intends to serve. These are essential characteristics to have in a position that works with and audits all departments in Centre County government because he will work with areas where he sees issues.

Please join us in supporting our neighbor Jason Moser for Centre County Controller on Tuesday, Nov. 5th!

Doug and Sharon Johnson, Bellefonte