Letters to the Editor

Letters: Mitra will move Ferguson Township community forward; 3 distinguished leaders in election

Pipe, Higgins are a ‘winning team’

Four years ago the voters of Centre County smartly changed the board of commissioners. We elected Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins: We must again give them our confidence and vote.

Michael Pipe consistently displays thoughtful and sound leadership. He has focused on reforming the criminal justice re-entry system to limit costly recidivism, and spearheaded the effort to safeguard our elections with new paper-based voting machines. Pipe’s leadership is creating a more humane and safer county.

Beyond all his work, Pipe is a fine leader and high-quality person. He’s a new dad as well, which offers him new perspective on life and the importance of community. Pipe knows that our county needs deliberative leadership and is willing to continue his service knowing the responsibility leadership demands.

We have a great opportunity to re-elect another high-quality individual to the board: Mark Higgins. Higgins has pushed for grants for local businesses and tax incentive zones that will create or retain over 300 jobs in the next three years. For more than 30 years, Higgins served in the private sector. He knows first hand the importance of the private - public partnerships that spur innovation and growth. A true win-win.

During the last four years, Pipe and Higgins have been a winning team for Centre County. Both have the experience, character, integrity and interpersonal skills to continue providing the leadership our county needs. On Nov. 5th, vote Mike and Mark.

Andy Merritt, Halfmoon Township

Mitra will move Ferguson Township community forward

Ferguson Township has seen dramatic changes over the past 10 years. It has seen significant progress in attracting new businesses and residents to our neighborhood. Proximity to Penn State and other main employers in the region will continue to drive growth. While the changes over the past decade have been beneficial for many, it has not been kind to acres of trees and the habitat that is dependent on them. Our neighborhood is already devoid of the deer and bears that used to frequent us. This forebodes consequences of continued growth that is not sustainable. Clean air and water is something we take for granted. Many communities are paying huge costs for getting back their clean air and water. Fortunately, we have the option to support a sustainable growth for our township. Prasenjit Mitra, who is running for the board of supervisors, Ward 2, Ferguson Township, hopes to champion the cause of sustainable development. As a scientist, he will bring the experience of addressing tough challenges that require balancing competing trade-offs. He will leverage his leadership role from academic settings to drive his inclusive vision for moving our entire community forward. We are at an inflection point in growth and our local representatives will play a major role in the direction that it takes. Please participate in shaping our future in the upcoming elections. We hope Ferguson Township will remain an attractive residential and business community for our children and grandchildren.

Priya Baboo and Vijay Narayanan, Ferguson Township

Breon will provide ‘seamless transition’ in prothonotary’s office

Please vote for Jeremy Breon on Nov. 5th!

Jeremy is running to be Centre County’s next prothonotary. The Prothonotary’s Office is the permanent record keeping office for the Court of Common Pleas of Centre County. Approximately 6,000 civil cases and 2,500 criminal cases are recorded and maintained yearly in the Prothonotary’s Office. Jeremy has worked in this office for over eight years and has developed an in-depth knowledge of the filing requirements and procedures of the office.

As a practicing attorney in Centre County, I have had the opportunity to interact with Jeremy on numerous occasions. He has always been pleasant, helpful and exceedingly professional. I have also had the opportunity to witness him serving members of the general public and have been impressed with his knowledge, caring demeanor and patience. I have the utmost faith in Jeremy’s qualifications and his ability to lead the Prothonotary’s Office into the future.

If Jeremy is elected, he will hit the ground running for a seamless transition! Please join me in voting for Jeremy Breon on Nov. 5th. He is the only qualified candidate running for the position of prothonotary.

Susan Bardo, State College

Exarchos will ‘work for all of us’ as commissioner

Vote for Chris Exarchos! Why? He is experienced — eight years as a county commissioner, eight as a College Township Council member. He is intelligent — a Ph.D. in Geo Chemistry and ran a successful business. He is a family man, with a wife, two sons and grandchildren. Chris will work for all of us as county commissioner. He has my vote!

Marcia Kell, Centre Hall

Three distinguished leaders in November election

I am a former professor at Penn State with special interest in leadership development.

Thus since 1980, had the opportunity to advise some of our local political leaders from the mayor Addison to the mayor Hahn and from the commissioner Weddler to the commissioner Pipe.

Based on my past and the present experiences with with several good local leaders I found three distinguished leaders who may continue to maintain their positive service leadership roles in our community when you vote for them during the forthcoming November election.

These outstanding leaders are:

  • Dr. Jesse Barlow for State College Borough Council
  • Mr. Mark Higgins for Centre County Commissioner
  • Mr. Mike Pipe for Centre County Commissioner.

Let us keep these leaders serving our community another term.

Please vote for Barlow, Higgins and Pipe.

U. B. Bakker, State College

Higgins, Pipe hear concerns, address them

On Nov. 5th we must decide among a slate of good candidates for county commissioner — who to vote for in what is the most important public office in the county. Important, because we want our commissioners to listen and take seriously our concerns about our local economy, our farmers and businesses, our senior citizens; our legacy of citizen participation and a healthy environment; and because we want our commissioners to manage well an $80 million/year enterprise employing 500 people.

Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins have been doing exactly that — hearing our concerns and acting to address them by supporting and investing in local businesses, providing broadband service to rural areas, strengthening our services for seniors, enacting energy savings improvement to our aging county buildings ... the list of achievements goes on and on and on.

One would be hard pressed to find two commissioners better suited for this important office, better in tune with the concerns and challenges facing Centre County than Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins, who seem to genuinely enjoy what they do in serving the citizens of Centre County and looking out for their best interests.

As Centre Countians know deeply, having commissioners who see themselves as public servants — respectful and open to feedback from all Centre Countians, informed and hitting the ground everyday to work for us — is a wonderful thing for the county! My hope is we will keep this wonderful thing going by re-electing Michael Pipe and Mark Higgins.

Darrell Steffensmeier, Boalsburg