Letters to the Editor

Open hearts to each other

The president has asked for an ideology strong enough to counter militant Islam. Here is one possibility.

We are, each one, the reason the world was created, the very image of God.

To strike this image homicidally is desecration, violates the divine and degenerates the perpetrator as well, darkening the whole world.

But at the same time, when, in freedom our hearts fully open to each other, God is there as a friend and something else as well; the living land that now stretches out to include every person in the world.

For the nation state and empire with its armed boundary is now a thing of the past. Instead, the moral recognition of each person as complement in free harmony to each other, each one the reason the world is here, unites us as we take each other’s hand and walk together these verdant grounds under the common shining sky, our lovely home.

John Harris, State College