Letters to the Editor

On Obama’s legacy

Here is Obama’s legacy.

1. Our military has been turned into lab rats for morally bankrupt social engineering experiments with the freedom of religion rights of the Chaplain Corps and all whom they serve trashed.

2. The persecution of people of faith who refuse to subsidize Obama’s unconstitutional dictates.

3. Unsustainable out-of-control debt and unfunded entitlements.

4. Record increases for those on food stamps and those who have stopped looking for work in the millions.

5. The destruction of our energy industry along with the millions of jobs that it supports due to the lies of the Gore Green Goblins debunked by real — as opposed to junk — science.

6. Race-baiting by turning the country against those in law enforcement who are trying to protect us in doing a thankless job with the resulting chaos that despots need for their political survival.

7. Promoting a farce of an Arab Spring that encouraged the takeover of the Middle East by radical jihadis that our military has been fighting and dying to protect us from since 9/11, resulting in the persecution of all those who won’t kowtow to a “Shariah law or death” mentality with Christians seeing the burning of their churches and congregations.

8. Refusing to destroy ISIS on the ground out in the open per the reports of our pilots who were never given the order to fire, leaving a trail of the heads of innocents in its wake.

Some legacy!

Gary Morella, Lemont