Letters to the Editor

Trout dependent on climate action

As a trout fisherman, it’s elementary knowledge that trout need cold water to survive, but the news is in that climate change is slowly warming our cold-water fisheries.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency and other climate watchdogs are predicting that trout are in for a very rough time and may be in dire trouble for their very existence by the year 2100. The answer from fishery scientists and others (NASA or NOAA anyone?) is that we need to reduce carbon pollution as soon as possible.

Within the past month, although our local representative in Washington didn’t agree, three Pennsylvania Republican congressmen and seven from other states, finally broke their silence and acknowledged that our dependence on fossil fuels is the leading cause of climate change. With overwhelming evidence on all sides, they, like many of us who like to fish, hunt, forage and enjoy nature, have decided to step out from their silence.

Now that the Clean Power Plan for reducing carbon emissions has been presented to the states, it’s time for leadership on both sides of the aisle to reassess their unflinching support for the fossil fuel industry.

If our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren etc., are to enjoy the same high-quality environment that we have today (and good trout fishing too), we will need to embrace a move beyond today’s dated technology and toward a new world of cleaner and renewable energy. It won’t be the first major hurdle this nation has faced and cleared.

John Corr, State College