Letters to the Editor

Golden rule is universal

Recent events, fanned by hyper-coverage of terrorist acts, has instigated anxiety, leading to fear in many of our citizens. Fear can lead to striking out, violence and an overall deterioration of our moral principles.

Almost all Muslims have good intentions and want to live peaceably within our societies, very few at this point have gone off the deep end.

The knee-jerk response to terrorist acts is to overgeneralize and become aggressive at least in rhetoric toward all Muslims. It harkens to the anti-Jewish sentiment in Nazi Germany, or the internment of Japanese during the second World War.

We already have many aspects of fascism cropping up in our society, we need to stand back and prevent ourselves from becoming our own worst enemy, creating exactly what the terrorists want, an alienated muslim community that will increasingly embrace a radical approach if their place in a multicultural society is compromised.

What is needed is to further advance human rights and fairness in our societies, to contrast with the brutalizing treatment of citizens under the control of Daesh (ISIS). At the very least the negative form of the golden rule should apply, do not do unto others as you would not want to be done to you.

The golden rule is present in Judaism, Christianity, it is present in Islam in the Hadith in both forms and in many other religions and philosophies. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Doug Keith, State College