Letters to the Editor

Disappointed in lack of news

I sat down at the table on Tuesday to read the newspaper and see what was happening around the world. After scanning through the usual earth-shattering front page stories like the Creamery closing for upgrades, I turned the page to the Breakfast Briefing page. This is where we can read the important news items every day in 250 words or less.

Evidently the big scoop of the day was that some CDT sales rep was able to sell a full-page inside advertisement. I paged through the rest of the paper thinking that the news was simply moved to make room for the ad but couldn’t find it anywhere.

The CDT is supposedly a newspaper and you chose to eliminate the news that day for an ad. There was plenty of room for Dear Abby, horoscopes and Bridge but not for news.

I do like the new format of the paper and have remarked that there have been more news articles on a daily basis than with the old format. That all changes if a sales rep makes a big sale.

If someone sells a full page, add another single page so the CDT can live up to being called a newspaper. You owe all of your subscribers a refund for that day.

Brian Decker,

Pennsylvania Furnace