Letters to the Editor

Waiting for a patriot

On a Thursday morning in August, Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Howard Township, sent a letter to current and former supporters vowing to fight the culture of surrender within the GOP-controlled Congress.

Thompson lamented the decline of Judeo-Christian values that are the foundation of our Western Civilization. He fretted that Israel is under diplomatic attack by the Democrat-controlled executive branch while Iran marches toward nuclear weapons.

Hallejulah! For once it appeared that Thompson understood some of the concerns of the Fifth District’s voters.

Alas, on Friday, Thompson succumbed to the GOP elite’s culture of betraying their voters and wrote a blank check to President Barack Obama to pay for his nation-wrecking schemes. As Thompson’s Christmas present to the bipartisan plutocracy and the cheap labor lobby, the GOP funded Obama to import hundreds of thousands of new workers to further depress wages of Americans.

Among these immigrants will be thousands of “unvetted” Muslims who at worst will join the San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Boston Marathon, Fort Hood, and 9/11 jihadists and at best will merely join the Democratic Party.

Our nation can’t afford two more years of the likes of Thompson as our representative in Washington. The primary is April 26. Will no patriot step forward to help make America great again?

John Groenveld,

State College