Letters to the Editor

Dig deeper on important issues

Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday vetoed the latest budget sent to him by House Republicans. Three cheers to the governor for holding out for passage of the compromise budget he and Senate Republicans agreed to weeks ago. The compromise budget increases funding for schools, eliminates a $2 billion structural deficit, and at least temporarily, halts kick-the-can down the road financing in Harrisburg.

It is absurd a budget has not been passed in six months — and that House and Senate Republicans are still at odds on a deal. Question — Don’t legislators get together for a drink (or two) or to play golf anymore? What happened to good old horse-trading to get a compromise?

I try to keep up with the budget farce in Harrisburg and thank the CDT for updates on the action. However, it would be useful if the CDT could dig deeper reporting on important issues like the budget, and track down where local legislators stand on issues like the budget — and how they vote on key legislation.

Ted Fuller, Pine Grove Mills