Letters to the Editor

Penns Valley needs a new gym

While recently attending a seventh- and eighth-grade basketball tourney at the new Bald Eagle gym, we were impressed at how wonderful and well thought out their new facility is.

The BEA people involved in this school project certainly should be commended. The officials there told me how much the new gym has improved the scheduling and participation for their sports.

I am a lifelong Penns Valley resident. As a boy in the 1950s, my grandfather took my cousin and me to the new PVHS gym (he was the superintendent) and let us shoot a few baskets. To two boys that were used to the old Spring Mills and Centre Hall gyms, the new gym seemed like a fieldhouse. However, with the passage of time and the addition of multiple varsity, junior varsity and junior high sports, the PV gym has become too small and antiquated to meet the practice and game times required.

Unfortunately, thanks to a few narrow-minded and selfish school board and community members, a new and larger gym has never been built, thus severely handicapping our sports programs.

To these people who have hindered this progress, I say SHAME ON YOU for treating our young people and our community this way. It’s time for the silent majority in PV to speak out, raise your voices, band together, and tell our school directors to get this new gym built, for all of our children, grandchildren and the community.

Scott Vogt, Centre Hall