Letters to the Editor

Thankful for help from strangers

A scary thing happened to our family last Sunday. My wife, two boys, and I were hiking at Shingletown Gap when we lost our 7-year-old. He ran too far ahead and missed a turn in our intended route. After running and calling for 10 minutes, I called 911. I went back to our car while my wife stayed. He was not at the car, but the police had arrived along with a few friends my wife had called. We all started to walk back and called to inform my wife. She said our son had been found by a mountain biker.

Our hero, Bob, was riding on the Charcoal Flats Trail when he heard my wife yelling and my son trying to yell back. He stopped and turned back on the trail and that is when he came across our very scared little boy. Our son was able to tell Bob my wife’s cellphone number and they were soon reunited.

We are so incredibly thankful for the State College police for their rapid and reassuring response, our friends who dropped what they were doing, but most of all for Bob the mountain biker. He could have dismissed the yelling in the woods as the wind, his imagination or the antics of college kids, but he didn’t. He took a few minutes to look out for his fellow human being and we are eternally grateful.

Cameron Vogt, Lemont