Letters to the Editor

NRA had good reason to stay home

During President Barack Obama’s recent town hall meeting on gun-related violence, he took the opportunity to blast the National Rifle Association for not being in attendance, claiming that they were invited several times and that their headquarters is nearby. His not-so-subtle implication was that the NRA lacked the courage to attend, which was a cheap shot if you know the facts.

According to Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, the group declined an invitation to attend the town hall because they would have been allowed to ask only one pre-screened question. One!

We can hardly blame them for refusing to submit to this, when there would have been no debate and no follow-up questions and the president could say anything he wanted. It makes me wonder if the attendees from the anti-gun crowd had their questions pre-screened.

Alan Scott, Bellefonte