Letters to the Editor

Article disappointed

As members of a faith community concerned for the safety and well-being of all young people, we must express our displeasure with your front page article of Jan. 12, “Penn State popular with those seeking paying companions.”

In it you gave free advertising to an entity that hires out college women for the company and pleasure of men with extra money.

Most of your readers are educated enough to know the real purpose of such a business, and perhaps that was the point: your aim was to titillate and not to report. You passed along as fact dubious figures provided by the company.

These included the growing number of women involved and the “average” payment they receive. How completely irresponsible of you to convey this unverified data.

If there is any truth in the article, then a great tragedy is unfolding in our midst. Young women, facing the daunting challenge of affording a college education, are being lured into prostitution.

The high cost of tuition, the terrible burden it places upon all of our young people, and the failure of political and academic leadership to adequately provide for a younger generation are the real stories here. Why don’t you report on those things? Perhaps then we could keep the panderers away from the young adults here and elsewhere.

Dean Lindsey, pastor, State College Presbyterian Church

Diana Malcolm, Presbyterian Campus Ministry