Letters to the Editor

Get serious about climate change

Trends for increased storm damage, rising oceans and increasing ocean acidity will be overshadowed by the trends in drought related to climate change.

Drought is already affecting many regions of the globe. The projections are for it to get much worse with even a modest continued rise in greenhouse gases.

Our efforts must get very serious very quickly.

The thawing permafrost and methane clathrates will accelerate climate change and may overwhelm our actions if we act too little and or too late.

Migrations are already partly due to droughts, and these will greatly increase. Agriculture failures will be a major disruptor of societies.

What to do: learn about the science of climate change, don’t continue to lie to yourself, the science is solid and well corroborated.

Eliminate all climate deniers from office; their corruption cannot be allowed to continue.

Push all levels of government to support strong measures to reduce greenhouse gases.

Go to green energy in your homes and businesses, now available.

Go to plug-in hybrids, or all electric for all around town driving, plug in at home.

Go to energy efficiency in every part of your life.

Do not have large numbers of children; that’s a hard one, I know.

Doug Keith, State College