Letters to the Editor

Thompson’s votes astound

The Roll Call in the Jan. 11 CDT lists more votes by Rep. Glenn Thompson that are against the interests of his constituents.

First, he voted for HR 3762, which would repeal Obamacare. This would take health insurance away from 17 million Americans, but Thompson doesn’t seem to care.

Next, we read that Thompson voted for HR 1155, which requires cost-benefit analysis for government regulations. That sounds good, except that its accounting method is phony. It counts the cost to businesses of the regulations, but does not count the cost to the public of repealing the regulations.

It gets worse. There was an amendment to make sure that HR 1155 would not repeal regulations that ensure food safety. Thompson voted against this amendment!

Astounding! Apparently, he is quite happy to repeal food safety regulations that protect the public. What, if anything, were you thinking, Mr. Thompson?

In vote after vote, Thompson clearly demonstrates that he simply does not care about protecting the public.

Now it’s up to us. Are we going to continue to re-elect this guy who keeps voting against our interests? This November, we have another chance to boot this guy out of office. Let’s do it.

Robert Baillie, State College