Letters to the Editor

Noble purpose lost

Ah ... the ridiculousness of it all. It appears that a few who didn’t make the cut have lost sight of the noble purpose of affirmative action. It promised equal opportunity, not equal results.

Its misapplication in Oscar nominations will do to the Academy what has been done to American education — make it a laughing stock internationally — and youth athletics, where every team gets a participant’s trophy and there are no winners.

Perhaps it is time to rein in the misguided affirmative action zealots by giving them a dose of their own medicine. Let’s picket the next NFL Draft to ensure that they meet racial quotas that match parity with their distribution in the general population. It also appears that the airlines should be taken to task for their inattention to quotas in their hiring practices.

I don’t see much of a long-term advantage in this “new” construct of the original purpose of affirmative action.

As I said, the ridiculousness of it all ...

Karl Striedieck, Port Matilda