Letters to the Editor

The real problem

In his column in the CDT on Jan. 23, Kerry Benninghoff blamed the entire budget impasse on Gov. Tom Wolf.

However, any careful reader would realize that Benninghoff neglected to mention the compromise budget agreement worked out by Wolf with the Senate and, he thought, with the House as well.

But certain obstructionists, like Benninghoff, prevented the implementation of this compromise budget. Wolf clearly indicated he was willing to compromise. It was Benninghoff and like-minded colleagues who weren’t willing to compromise and make government actually work.

It is hard-core obstructionists like Benninghoff who are the real problem in Harrisburg, not Wolf. The citizens who have repeatedly elected Benninghoff need to take a hard look at whether they want their government to function or not. If they really want it to function, then they need to replace Benninghoff with someone who is not an obstructionist.

Edward Klevans, State College