Letters to the Editor

Thompson a statesman

Statesman vs. politician: “The difference — a politician thinks about the next election while the statesman thinks about the next generation.” J.F. Clarke

In a nutshell, a (politician) is someone within a political party, who is often more interested in the betterment of their party than that of the nation. A (statesman) is a person in a party, who can put their party obligations and personal needs/aspirations aside to do what is in the best interest of the country and the citizenry.

I make the distinction because we here in Pennsylvania, specifically those within the 5th Congressional District, are fortunate to have such a statesman representing us — Glenn “G.T.” Thompson. Thompson has recently exemplified these qualities and shown his commitment to his constituents. He has just completed a weeklong Listening and Leading Tour.

During this tour, Thompson met with citizens of Pennsylvania to personally address their needs and concerns, which he will take back to Washington. Many citizens criticize elected officials but do no more than voice displeasure. Thompson encourages each and every one to listen to updates, be informed, then speak with him directly to address concerns. During his Team G.T. Tele-Town Hall conference times, where you call in to get your news straight from the source, you can ask the congressman a question, express your opinions/concerns, or thank him for accomplishments he’s made on our behalf. Information can be found at www.GTThompson.com.

Dennis Packer, Blanchard