Letters to the Editor

Peace and paradise

The Koran in absolute authority rivets the world on paradise beyond it entered through the final judgment of God.

This so, and all war becomes ironic: its death-dealing violence only translates its victims to the other side, where they will accuse you before God of your world-darkening ignorance.

Hearing this great word of the Koran with Christian compassion, the only right jihad is for world peace.

Now I know many reading this will find Scripture esoteric. But my words here are only present to you now in the stillness at the center of your soul. And in the soul undarkened that great peace is very possible. For in the soul despite the marked resistance, paradise is very, very near. It is our common lovely home. In it we see the twinkling of the shining stars in a blessing which includes all men and sets death in the smile of God aside.

John Harris, State College