Letters to the Editor

Facts on climate change

In the 1960s, some scientists claimed that smoking tobacco was safe. Later these same scientists declared that nicotine was not addictive, all despite overwhelming evidence that they were wrong.

Today, more than 98 percent of all climate scientists agree that there is anthropogenic climate change, as does every first-world government (except the United States Congress). Now, the other 2 percent want their time in the sun.

Enter The Institute of Public Affairs (IPA), an obscure Australian think tank, and its skeptic scientists. IPA is a small anti-regulatory group funded by fossil fuel, timber, mining, tobacco and pesticide companies. These companies use IPA studies to fight environmental and workplace safety regulations. Apparently, they have recently published a book denying climate change. What took them so long?

One book, written by the fossil fuel industry, hardly negates decades of rigorous research by thousands of climate-related scientists. This includes Michael Mann, whose work is only controversial because of scientifically dubious misinformation released by groups like the IPA.

The world has warmed over 1 degree Celsius in the past century. That rise mirrors increases in CO2 emissions. The poles are melting, and the oceans are rising. We can measure these things with an advanced scientific instrument known as a yardstick.

Be a skeptic, if you like, it’s your right. Light up a smoke, buy a house at the beach and blow off the sunscreen. Just please remember, facts are true, whether you believe them or not.

Tim Dunleavy, Patton Township