Letters to the Editor

The present America

In last Tuesday’s issue of the CDT, Cal Thomas wrote that the America candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton talk about isn’t the America he knew.

That may well be true, but maybe Thomas should try to know the present America, by visiting some mobile home courts and talking to people who do hard and useful work in productive jobs but cannot earn enough to keep their car running or pay for doctor’s visits to keep their kids healthy.

Sanders is not trying to rob people who got prosperous through hard work, but to go after company chairmen who try to tell their workers that they should be satisfied with making $8 an hour, then meet with his friends to vote himself benefits of more than 10 million a year.

And the young people who embrace socialist ideas are not greedy or brainwashed, but realize that their chances to get ahead through virtuous hard work are very meager.

Gert Aron, Boalsburg