Letters to the Editor

Never-ending battle for land

I hope your readers took serious note of Kelli Hoover’s letter (CDT, 2/13) appropriately headlined “Crucial decisions.” She wrote a well-documented rationale for opposing the Toll Brothers’ proposed development on Whitehall Road at Blue Course Drive.

Previous Ferguson supervisors, unwisely, approved it; but there is still time to draw a halt to the project because of certain requirements overlooked (or perhaps ignored) by the promoters.

The group of citizens filing suit are to be commended for actively seeking to protect State College’s drinking water. The excellent quality of our water, which currently requires minimum treatment, would be adversely affected by a massive student housing complex adjacent to a major water source.

I am reminded of a similar situation that arose in the mid-’70s, when Galen Dreibelbis sold his dairy on Circleville Road. A developer sought to turn that property into a mall. The citizens of Ferguson regretted the loss of a bucolic setting with cows and a small store where milk was sold in returnable glass bottles.

We fiercely protested putting this land under concrete, never to be green again. Embracing the slogan “Don’t Mall Us,” we attended all township meetings and found expert hydrologists who proved that the runoff water would be a problem for Radio Park Elementary School.

That victory was won, but eventually the ever-encroaching student housing sprouted in that locale.

Will the attacks on our open space ever end?

Dorothy Lutz, State College