Letters to the Editor

Form your own conclusions

Phil Edmunds wrote (CDT, 2/14) that climate change skeptics are vindicated in a new book, “Climate Change: The Fact,” which Edmunds urges we read.

Tim Dunleavy countered (2/18), “Today, more than 98 percent of all climate scientists agree that there is anthropogenic (human-based) climate change, as does every first-world government.” Dunleavy dismisses the new book and champions Penn State professor Michael Mann’s 2008 book, “Dire Predictions.”

At my age of 75, I reflect that much of everything pontificated as settled science — economics, government and psychology come to mind — prove empirically wrong. I have not encountered 98 percent of any human group of thousands who agree on anything. I remain skeptical.

Reading both books engages critical thinking skills. Both books are acclaimed on Amazon for ease of readability. Both cost $20. Eighty percent of 64 Amazon readers rate Mann’s 2008 book 4 to 5 stars. Ninety percent of 400 readers rate “Facts” 4 to 5 stars. Most 1 to 3 star raters of both books did not purchase the books on Amazon. Amazon rated sales for both books by category at number 11 and 36 (Climatology) and 28 and 258 (Environmental Science) — “Facts” and “Dire Predictions,” respectively.

Read both books, form your conclusions.

Don Gordon,

Patton Township