Letters to the Editor

Choose reason over passion, anger

“Passionate” has become the media metaphor for the angry mobs now playing in theaters near you.

Emanating from the far-right masters of the “Party of Lincoln,” the top candidates include one self-aggrandizing narcissist, who invents facts and fakes film footage, together with one grimacing-faced mime, who dances with would-be biblically inspired killers, ginning up hatred in the guise of theology. The final “hopeful” is a wide-eyed, scripted automaton, complete with remote control.

On the flip side, a seemingly decent man who was a self-identified socialist before finding it more expedient to run as a Democrat, which he isn’t, promises little that he can possibly deliver to a sea of righteously angry young constituents (demographically non-voters, though this may change).

Secretary Clinton has taken a measured middle ground throughout her impressive political career. (Cue Wall Street critique here.) The secretary is not “progressive” enough for the left, and she is too liberal for the right. And, she plotted the attack on Benghazi in her secret emails. (Attention conspiracy theorists.)

Americans stand at an inflection point. Our choices are critical — willful ignorance, anger and blame — or, knowledge and reason. All progress rests upon calm, consistent leadership, compassion, and surely intellectual and experiential competence in our next president, as it has in our current president. (Cue hate blog.)

And Zeus help us, because the right-wing haters have laid claim to God.

Marylouise Markle, State College